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Relaxing room with a double bed. We can provide a single airbed on the side if needed. Max people occupancy 3 person.

You'll have access to a double bed room and a shared washroom. The room is very spacious.

Listing Update: Construction up front the house. But with closed windows you would barely hear them working. It will just look a big site if you are coming in from the front door. But this room is at the back of the house far from the site a muffled sound can be heard. this is a developing community but this is the last site for the nearest construction ending on Aug 2018.

Private Room Access. The only private space rented is the room. The rest of the amenities are shared. The hosts lives on this house and are greatly involved in maintenance, house rules and cleanliness. The home is equipped with cctv for the guests safety and the hosts security.

Check in: Anytime after 4pm. The hosts usually don't cater early check in as they don't have enough time to get the rooms ready(Washing beddings, towels, etc). The guests can leave your luggage at the main foyer but the hosts do not assume any damage loss to luggage left in the foyer.

Late Check in: The guests may arrange a late check in as long as it is well communicated. The hosts don't appreciate and will cancel reservation if guests don't properly communicate back to the hosts. As long as Quiet time is observed strictly, the hosts don't mind late check in. As long as days are well covered and reserved the hosts will accomodate late check in requests.

Check out: 11 am is the desired check out. Anything beyond that should be communicated to the host. Any late check out later than 1pm will be charged with another full day. As this doesn't leave enough time for the host to clean the room. Any luggage, clothing left after 2pm will be directed to the left over item rules, please see rules above.

Quiet Time: 11 pm to 6 am. If a complaint is made by another guests or the hosts, the hosts will give only 2 warnings and the the guests will be escorted outside of the house regardless of the weather condition. The hosts value highly of respect and camaraderie from the guests.

Negative Vibes: The hosts do not tolerate any rude attitude, racism, hateful comments, bad behaviours and violent guests. Any rule breaking will eventually be resulting to having the guests being escorted outside the house and will have to pay for the full booking dates requested, any request of early check out due to this instances will be disapproved and will be escalated to airbnb. Again this is regardless of any weather condition, as the hosts expect respect and in return the guests can expect respect will be given to them as well.

Toilet Issue: If in the event a guest was caught putting paper on the toilet bowl and damages the facility this will be charged to the guest $100. And will not be welcome back in the facility. The host will not communicate further to the guest and the guest can do a complain with the charges to airbnb. Evidence will be sent to the guest with all the violations and charges but host will not reply to any complaints from the guest. The host hope that the guest will be respectful to others the host as well as the facility provided. The host provides a very affordable stay for the guest but this will not be possible if guest will be disrespectful of the facility.

Temperature: The hosts don't have any control over extreme weather in Calgary. On Summer's we only provide fans on the upper rooms. The basement don't have fans but it is as always cold on summer nights. On Winter, the house is set with the same temperature and is pre determined to avaoid guests sweating under the sheets during the wee hours of the morning. The basement do have heaters on their room. If the guests needs to warm up we only provide extra blankets at no cost. But do please communicate request on the hosts

Kitchen and Living room: The guests may access the main kitchen, the basement kitchenette, the upper floor washroom, the main floor half bath and the basements full bath. The guests have limited access to the living room, dining room, full access on the backyard playground and the back porch. The gym is accessible from 9am to 6pm only, to be able to provide a restful night for all the guest who access the basement. Limited cooking may be done. Use of silverware and plates exclusively for airbnb use must be observed.

Pantry and Fridge use: The guests per room have a limit of a 1x1 foot space in the fridge. Do not overbuy groceries and food stock. A 1x2 ft space will be provided for you in the pantry again limit your groceries. And a 1x1 Foot space for the main fridge. Any frozen goods can be stored on the freezer but is limited to a .5x.5 space.

Dining: The hosts don't allow foods eaten in the bedroom a simple snacks is okay. Strictly no cooking. Baking is prohibited. An oven top and a bread toaster is available in the pantry and can be used by the guests as long as it will be cleaned after and return to its place after each use. We expect guests to clean their dishes and return the to the cabinets after each use as dish washing liquids are provided on all the sink and a paper towel ais always available on all kitchen.

Back porch: May be accessed by the guest. A playground is available for the kids but can be accessed at the guests discretion and the hosts will not be liable for any accidents nor incidents caused by using the said amenities, though assistance maybe provided depending on the hosts availability. The barbeque grill is off limits to the guests. Though there are 2 open space that the guests can access on on summer days, for the safety of the guests and the security of the hosts, the grill will not be available for the guests.

No Shoe Policy: The hosts is of high value of cleanliness and the hosts will not tolerate guests who uses outdoor shoes inside the house. Any violators will be charged $60 for the carpet cleaning.

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We are a young couple who owned a 6 bedroom house. Too much space for the both of us. We have a variety of rooms available for each different market. Traveling solo, group or on a budget, check out our listing for options. Regardless of the option you chose, we guarantee a safe place, peaceful rest and a very comfortable bed. We just don't use most of the space we have, what better way to get foot traffic in our big home is AirBNB. We have Tried renting the space before so we are used to hosting and sharing the living space with guests. We are young energetic and well-grounded individuals who love to entertain and share our great journey with others. Welcoming you to our home is one way of expanding our network and earning extra on the side. We provide a simple, comfortable home for those who are looking for a short stay in Calgary. Our home is open for those who just want that 5 Star feels for a lesser value, paying only for the necessity and utmost quality.
We are a young couple who owned a 6 bedroom house. Too much space for the both of us. We have a variety of rooms available for each different market. Traveling solo, group or on a…

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Hosting: The hosts are a very busy couple, but are dedicated on serving the guests, therefore request of assistance for hosts related issues are on top of the hosts priority, any request of refill, cleaning and needs provision will be accomodated immediately.

Contact: Airbnb Conversations will be the main form of communication with the hosts. The hosts do not answer calls from International Calls nor reply to International texts. Anything outside of this context will be declined immediately.

Orientation on Check in: On very rare moments door codes might be different fron the one that the guests received during booking. Therefore, check in orientation is important. Let the hosts know if you need a space in the fridge and the pantry so that they could prepare. No shoes, door codes and process in entering the house will be communicated to the guests during this time. The room is well equipped with all the information needed by the guests during their stay. Print out of Emergency exits, Rules and regulations are available at the Bedside as well.

Extreme Guest Interaction: The hosts will be unable to talk with the guests for hours as the hosts do have other business they dealt with, this is the reason the hosts provides extreme care of the guests during their stay but not to the extent of talking with the guests that is longer than 30 mins or so as they do have other important things to do. The hosts would greatly appreciate if guests would respect their time spent with their family as well.

Extreme Altercation: In the event of missed check out, extreme booking altercation, violent, abuse, racism, sexism, misunderstanding house rules, not reading house rules and any event that the hosts is uncomfortable with the guests, the hosts have the rights to inform the guests that the booking will be cancelled and that the guests cannot complete their requested nights. The hosts then will perform a locked down and will inform all guests to avoid contact with the said guests. The hosts will send the guests all rule breaking and will communicate for only 2 times after the conversation, 1 will be the rules that was violated and the second is the explanation and the amount of time left for the guest to stay in the premise usually before 5pm or 2 hours after the said altercation. Any request, assistance, service nor any conversation with the guest will be cancelled from then on forward. The guests will be instructed to have all the conversation directed to Airbnb. The hosts will not communicate even further afterthis, this situation is considred to be of the service of the hosts, for the safety of the other guests and the hosts, the guests will be treated as hostile regardless of situation to avoid any further misunderstanding. This is to avoid physical interaction with the guests, other guests and the hosts. The time frame will serve to provide time for the guests to check their self out safely, if in the event the guests insist on staying in the premise even after the request of the hosts to have their booking cancelled they will be considered trespassers and the police will be called for them to be escorted outside of the house. Again this is to remind the guests that this is the hosts home and that they are only sharing the space to the guests. This is not a hotel and there are rules that the guests need to be followed.

Tour Suggestion: Banff would be the best destination for the guests. It is 1 and Half hour away from Calgary. Drumheller is also an option for other day trip with a full jump pack day with the dinosaurs. Waterton would be aanother option for a full day trip with great views and short hike.

Banff Day Trip: Leaving early would be a great option to maximize your day trip(Avoid Traffic and Parking issues) Bow Summit showcases the Peyto Lake (A Fox Shaped Lake), Morraine Lake have a stunning view, climb the foot walk at the back or go through the rocks to view the entire lake, and the rockies as its background. Lake Louise sshowcases the Glacier View at the end of the the Lake. Lake Minnewanka shows a great mountain backdrop ride the boat and get an awesome picturesque view of Lake Minnewanka, this is one great spot in chasing the NORTHERN LIGHTS/AURORA BORREALIS. Ride the Gondola up to the SULPHUR MOUNTAIN and take a Hot Spring dip in the BANFF HOTSPRING. Visit BOW FALLS and BOW RIVER near the Fairmont Hotel Downtown Banff and Shop Around Banff Town and taste the local restaurant.

OTHER THINGS TO DO: Mt. Norquay Gondola for bear sighting, River Rafting on Summers near Bow Falls, Legacy Trail Biking from Canmore to Banff. Snowboarding Sunshine Village and Snow Peak. Day hike to Johnston Canyon, Elbow Falls or drive up to Jasper passing by the Glacier Walk and the Skywalk.

Drumheller Day Trip: It is a 1 to 2 hour day trip to Drumheller. Drop in to HORSESHOE CANYON First before arriving the main town, it will be approximately 10 Kms before the downtown area. The off to the tourist centre where the huge T Rex Monument is, ask for some discount for the ROYAL TYRELL MUSEUM, around that area would have a public waterpark and a private waterpark. A nearby store accross the street would have real life sizes of dinosaurs as well. Drive to Royall Tyrell Museum about 5-10 mins away(Entrance Fees Applies). Climb the overview park on top of the hill to see the Badlands. Next stop is HORSETHIEF CANYON, beautiful view of the Badlands and hiking is an option. Next stop is the BLERIOT FERRY, free ride accross the river. ORKNEY VIEWPOINT will be on your left, beautiful view of the river and the badlands. Going East will be the Rosedale Town a very old creepy town next to Drumheller, head far east to the VOODOO TRAIL a beautiful landscape that is great for exploring and using some parkour skills, if you still have time check out the ATLAS COAL MINE (Entrance Fees Applies, closes at 5pm). Final and last stop is the STAR MINE SUSPENSION BRIDGE when your driving back to Drumheller. Again if you still have time you can explore the 11 BRIDGES of Rosedale and the LAST CHANCE SALOON for a creepy feels as this is one Hunted Hotel in Rosedale.

Waterton National Park: Drop by the windmills passing through Highway 801. Passing the Big Dam. Hike at bear hump 1 to 1 hr and half elevated hike. Explore Red Rock Canyon, take a 30 min Flat Trail hike to Blakiston Falls, dont forget to look for wildlife. Shop downtonw eat Canadian Wieners and ride the boat to the end if the Lake. Take the hard Crypt Lake Hike if your adventurous, Other Hikes are Lower Bertha Falls, Upper Bertha Falls etc. Cameron Lake is a nice seclusive drive take the trail on the right side and you'll get to another lake. Pack of deers, big horns and bears will be near downtown so watch out.

Other Guest Request: Please see the details of your request in the Guest Access and Space Description to avoid confusing request inclusion.

Walls: The guests are expected to be careful with walls not getting hit by their luggage. For extended stay we expect guests to not to put anything on the walls. No pins, No scotch tape, no markers and no nails. Any damage incurred on the wall with an intention of placing a poster or anything without the guest realizing that this can rip the wall paint off will be charged with $300 out right as repairing the wall will cost the host to have the whole wall to be repainted. The hosts won't be able to oatch it up.

Extended stay: at any reason the hosts do not negotiate with any changes after a request of earlier cancellation has ben made by the client. The guests will be redirected to Airbnb. If by any chance Airbnb find it deemed that the cancellation will push through without charges the hosts will abide. The hosts do not provide any refund nor any form of cash handouts as all transactions has been made online. Any form of request will be ignored and will be referred to airbnb. The hosts have a strict cancellation rules therefore no credits of any form will be provided for the guests if an earlier check out is chosen.

Airbnb Charges: On top of everything that the guest have booked for Airbnb will still be charging fees which is not on the end of the hosts. Charges on top of the guests reservations do not reflect on the hosts but do reflect on airbnb. The hosts won't discuss details of pricing breakdown, questions about this process the guests will be redirected to airbnb.

Extended Stay reservation: As Compared to other rental, we expect guests to pay us a month in advance and a month deposit. For the hosts to be able to book and close down the dates. Some guests are booking a year back. To make sure the hosts will be able to accomodate your request this monetary settlement needs to be settled asap.
Hosting: The hosts are a very busy couple, but are dedicated on serving the guests, therefore request of assistance for hosts related issues are on top of the hosts priority, any r…
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