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Welcome to The Apartment at Howl! It's our greatest pleasure to host you in our beautiful town of Salida, Colorado. This studio apartment sits behind Howl Mercantile & Coffee. Due to COVID 19, this studio is for 1 couple only. It features 1 queen bed, full kitchen, full private bathroom, covered patio and private parking. Located 2 blocks from the river, this is the ideal location to experience the best of Salida - Bars, Restaurants, Recreation. Before you book, read the listing.

*** Please read through the entire listing before booking with us.***
Welcome to the Apartment at Howl! Due to COVID-19 currently our Apartment is for 1 couple only or 1 couple with an infant. The loft is closed, please don't go up into the loft.

Our COVID-19 Cleaning Protocol. We use an electrostatic sprayer between each guest and you can feel confident that the Apartment has been disinfected before your stay. We ensure that our employees are safe by using non-toxic cleaners and wearing the proper PPE. For your safety, we use a non-toxic CDC recommended disinfectant and we wash our laundry with an earth friendly detergent and HOT water.

Nothing about traveling during COVID-19 is normal and we appreciate your patience as we all learn how to navigate running an Airbnb during this time. We hope you understand the fragility of our rural community during this pandemic due to how our high altitude increases complications of COVID-19 and the limitations of our small health care system. The health and safety of our guests AND our community are our top priority.

If you're wondering what Howl Mercantile and Coffee is all about, you can find us on Instagram @howlmercantile. Our Apartment is sure to give you a similar experience to being at the shop.

Also note, the bathroom is accessed across a hallway within the apartment. The entire apartment is your space, it is NOT shared with the coffee shop nor do you have to worry about customers entering the apartment. We get this question a lot, rest assured, it's your space while renting. It is not an emergency exit for the coffee shop. The apartment was converted out of a commercial kitchen and a mop closet so it's a funky space and we did the best with the space with what we have but keep in mind this is not what some people might expect as a traditional apartment. Our downtown parking space located behind the apartment is large enough for a vehicle with boat trailer.

Please also note, this apartment is in the rear of a coffee shop (NOT UPSTAIRS). We open in the morning and sometimes have events at night. THERE IS POTENTIAL FOR NOISE. Quiet hours are between 10pm and 7am and outside of that, you MAY hear us. You have private access to the apartment including the bathroom (BATHROOM IS NOT SHARED WITH THE SHOP), but in the unlikely case of an emergency, we reserve the right to access the electric panel, utility closet or the hallway. We will message you and knock on the door should this occur.

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Downtown Salida is the largest creative district in Colorado and has an abundance of bars, restaurants, galleries and shops. This rental is located in a downtown setting and shares an alley with restaurants and bars. Downtown Salida can be noisy at night and so this should be noted before booking our apartment.

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We are at the shop during normal business hours and are happy to be at your service. We just ask that you wear a face covering before coming into Howl Mercantile & Coffee.

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