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Our "Happy Villa", in Oranjestad, at 10 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes from the tourist center and cruise port, is the ideal accommodation if you want to relax in a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Our "Casa B" is excellent if you are traveling solo, as a couple or in a group, especially if you enjoy meeting new people. There are 5 separate ads, one for each room, so if there is no availability, you can access any of the other 4!

This is our "Casa b" which is part of Kamerlingh Villa. It has an entrance both through the main area of the property, where the pool is, and an independent entrance, on the rear of the property. With a beautiful wooden floor and a homely and cozy decoration, 5 rooms are available to welcome anyone who wants to stay with us! Two bathrooms and the kitchen are shared among the guests, and are cleaned daily.

The house has a sixth room, which is occupied by Carolina and Eve, who are part of our staff. They sleep, cook and eat in the house, so most definitely you will have the chance to meet them during your stay! They are super friendly and respectful, and great for practicing your Spanish skills, since they speak little English!

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Our Villa is located on a residential area, at exactly 1.5 kilometers from Oranjestad’s waterfront touristic area. Perhaps we are not that close to the touristic attractions, but our location gifts us with an almost unbelievable peace!

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Hola, mi nombre es Jorge. Yo ayudo a mis padres, Lita y José, manejando las reservas y comunicación con los huéspedes.

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Since this is our family home, you will always find someone to look after you or help you if there is any difficulty. We are a Venezuelan family who love the island, and because of the situation in our country, we decided to settle here our home. My brother (Samuel) and I (Jorge), live in Spain, so it is only occasionally that I have the pleasure to meet my guests. My parents (Dalia and Jose) are the ones who really live on the island and are always attentive that everything is going well in the house, while respecting the space of guests and tenants.

Our work team consists of Carolina and Eve, who help us with the cleaning and general maintenance of the Villa, the apartments and the rooms.
Since this is our family home, you will always find someone to look after you or help you if there is any difficulty. We are a Venezuelan family who love the island, and because of…

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  • لغات: English وFrançais وEspañol
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