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Toribari, a lodge house built to accommodate four guests is situated 320 km south-west of Kathmandu in the district of Palpa. Palpa has much to merit it as a centre for sightseeing, trekking, enjoying unspoilt Nepal and generally relaxing.

Sarai, our village, is set on the edge of fertile, rich rice land with fine views of the surrounding green, forested hills. Also from Sarai the hilltown of Tansen, is in view. Tansen has steep streets Newari buildings, many temples and superb views of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges best seen from the top of Srinagar Hill which is almost 1,500m altitude.

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Toribari (mustard field) is brick built on European lines with a spacious bedroom, en suite bathroom, large airy living/dining room, outdoor sitting areas, surrounded by trees and a well tended garden. The location is quiet, some distance from traffic and offers the visitors a unique opportunity to bird watch and become acquainted with the many very beautiful butterflies that frequent the garden.
The house was built as a base from which to run a trekking business and to bring guests to, to see a Nepal seldom experienced by tourists.
There are many walks, some can be short for example a stroll by the river observing birds and pastoral activities whilst others can be more strenuous into the hills and can be for two to four days. The latter are arranged as camping treks, taking food with local people all of whom are known to Ravi because this is where he was born and bought up. Views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges are constant companions as is the stunning Palpapali landscape.
A Scottish registered charity is also run by Ravi and Jackie from Toribari, at present there are seven rural schools which are given financial help plus several successful drinking water projects, all of these venues make interesting visits.

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    A registered trek guide with Nepal Mountaineering Association.
    Fluent in English and used to hosting Western guests

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    Ravi lives permanently at Toribari, he is a registered guide with the Nepal Mountaineering Association whilst Jackie, who lives in Scotland and is a mountain leader visits twice a year. Guiding facilities are always available and all meals will be provided by Ravi.
    Ravi lives permanently at Toribari, he is a registered guide with the Nepal Mountaineering Association whilst Jackie, who lives in Scotland and is a mountain leader visits twice a…
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