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Villa Clio is part of a complex of three independent, brand new villas located in the Southern part of Samos island. The villa is built in a two acre estate that resides very close to Pythagoreion, a picturesque village with great history, named after the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. Albeit very close to local amenities, the estate offers privacy and tranquillity as it is surrounded by the scenic olive groves of Chora.

The villa is separated to the main house (120 sq meters) and the guest house (50 sq meters). The main house can accommodate four (4) people in one double and one twin bedroom. Both bedrooms share a large veranda overlooking the ocean and the picturesque fields of Chora. The main house also features a large living room with fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, dining area and a spacious bathroom with shower. The living room also has its own large veranda ideal for breakfast, dinner or an afternoon coffee. The guest house can sleep two (2) people in a double bedroom and features its own living area with fireplace, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom with shower. The spacious interiors are decorated in a summer provincial style with cool pale colored fabrics, natural oak furniture, wooden-beamed ceilings and an overall romantic aesthetic.

The estate is ideally located between Pythagoreio (3km away), Heraion (4km away) and Chora (1.5km away), three of the most picturesque and historic destinations of Samos island. It is also very close to popular beaches like Potokaki (1.5 km away) and Pythagoreio beach (3km away), offering a variety of activities and water sports. The location is also ideal for those who enjoy cycling or trekking along the beach as it offers several kilometres of bicycle road.

Samos is one of the largest islands in the Aegean Pelago. It is a gorgeous, verdant place, with exceptional history and architecture. Samos was the birthplace of great historical figures like the philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, as well as Aristarcus the well known Greek astronomer who was the first to study the movement of the earth. The history of Samos is also closely related to the goddess Hera which was believed to had been born in the island and the Temple of Hera was build in her honor by the Ionians in the 7th century BC. Some parts of the Temple of Hera are still standing and are considered a great sightseeing for those who love the ancient history of Greece.

The essential beauty of the nature, the historical sites that are spread all over the island and the charming mountainous landscape of Samos create a unique and enchanting atmosphere for the visitors of the island.

If you are planning to visit us please contact me to arrange an airport pickup.

Villa Clio can accommodate up to 6 people.

For more information please visit:

ΜΗΤΕ: 0311Κ91000234401

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مرحبًا ، أنا إلياس ،

بعد أن عشت الكثير من حياتي في الخارج ، وعملت في مختلف أنحاء العالم ، استقريت أخيرًا في ساموس الجميلة ، والتي في رأيي هي واحدة من أكثر الجزر الخلابة الخلابة في بحر إيجة!

أحب الرياضة والقراءة والسفر وأتطلع حقًا إلى أن أصبح مضيفك ومشاركة الجمال السحري لجزيرة ساموس معك.
مرحبًا ، أنا إلياس ،

بعد أن عشت الكثير من حياتي في الخارج ، وعملت في مختلف أنحاء العالم ، استقريت أخيرًا في ساموس الجميلة ، والتي في رأيي هي واحدة من أكثر الجزر الخلاب…
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