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Polish dumplings cooking class w/drink
THE MOST POPULAR EXPERIENCE IN WARSAW:-). GREAT FOR CORPORATE EVENTS! Pierogi is the number one Polish dish. Comfort food that is simply delicious and fun to make. Suprise your family and friends and serve them home made dumplings after you come back from Warsaw. After a short introduction that includes the origins of pierogi, we will prepare dumplings with meat and vegetarian fillings. You will get to know how to knead the dough, then you will learn various techniques of folding the dumplings and discover hacks that make them really tasty. At the end of the class, you will enjoy a plate full of pierogi, so make sure you come to the class HUNGRY:-). DRINK INCLUDED: liqueur tasting or water. Please, also check my other experience: https://www.airbnb.pl/experiences/1490510 Other things to note Aprons provided, please, come hungry!
Pierogi class and liquor tasting with unique view on Warsaw
This will be your unique experience with making Pierogi with beautiful view on Warsaw skyline! You will have a chance to learn how to prepare dough and several fillings (ie.sauerkraut with mushrooms, mushrooms, meat, potatoes and cheese, salmon and ricotta, spinach and feta cheese and some sweet options with seasonal fruits - let me know if you have any allergies or you have special diet). All these accompanied with beverages of your choice (alcoholic and soft drinks). After the preparation part comes well deserved consumption which may take place on the rooftop terrace or inside (depends on the weather and your mood :)). Our plan: 1. short introduction with local choice of starters and welcome drink - let's get to know each other before we start this intimate experience of sharing one table :) and kitchen! 2. Dough preparation 3. While dough will be resting we will start preparing fillings. 4. Let's make some Pierogi! and combine dough with a filling :) 5. Time to eat, drink chat and chill - it's time for you :) share your experience, thoughts and pictures! If you'd like I can share with some tips on Warsaw's Bars, Restaurants and must sees :) Please be prepared to have fun and learn something new! :)
Taste the Best Polish Vodkas
You will meet one of our Vodka Experts right in the center of Warsaw in one of the cool vibrant bars. There we will guide you through the amazing world of Polish vodka! After a short introduction to what vodka really is, and an explanation of its history, you'll experience with all of your senses what makes a really good vodka. For sure at the end of this journey, you will be able to decide which is your preferred vodka. Our Vodka Experts will show you the perspective of locals living in the city and share insider stories about how life used to be back in the days. They will introduce you to an interesting world of Polish vodkas with a chance to try out at least 6 of the best types from the ones we have selected ourselves. Along with your beverage, you will try 2-3 food pairings with typical Polish snacks enjoyed while drinking our beloved vodka. Other things to note We know you are traveling and that's why you might start enjoying alcoholic beverages in the earlier hours. Keep in mind though that during our experience there will be enough to drink ;)
Pub Crawl with Fun Locals
You will meet one of our Party Legends right in the center of Warsaw in one of the cool vibrant bars. This is where the fun begins. You will get 1-hour of unlimited drinking with all the beer, wine, and mixed drinks you want. In this bar, we will get together for a few drinking games to have fun and bond with other travelers. After the first bar, we will take you around to 3 more venues popular among local where you will be able to receive a welcome shot in each of them and we will play some more drinking games with you and other participants. Get ready to visit spots in the coolest party areas like Pawilony and Mazowiecka. In the end, we will take you to a club where you will jump the queue like a real VIP, get another shot at the entrance for the start of a crazy night with us!
Chopin Concert in the Old Town
The Chopin recital at Chopin Point Warsaw is like meeting the Master himself. A perfect place to listen to the performances of outstanding artists and feel like you are at a private concert in an intimate interior. Guests are greeted with traditional Polish mead or apple juice. Before the performance, the concert host tells about Warsaw from Chopin's times and introduces the artist. The whole event lasts about 60 minutes. The concerts take place in the heart of the Old Town - a unique location on the Chopin Trail, right next to the Castle Square and the view of the Sigismund's Column. Experience and listen to the music of the outstanding composer - Fryderyk Chopin in a concert hall in the heart of Warsaw. It is an unforgettable experience that cannot be missed while getting to know this unique city.
Pottery Class In Artist's Studio
Classes take around 2 hours and are designed for beginners. During that time you’ll: - learn how to wedge clay properly - center it on the wheel - get to know basic potter's tools, - make your first simple cylindrical shapes (depending on your progress we can also try making small bowls - yay!) In the meantime I'll also tell you a bit about the whole process of making stoneware ceramics so you'll know what happens next with the bowl you've just made! All that while slowly sipping tea and relaxing by the wheel :) Other things to note If you wish I can fire and glaze your pots so they can be send back to you although you would need to cover the shipping cost to your country. We can discuss all the details on the day of the event.
Biking Through Warsaw Highlights
Experience an active and informative way to see the city – sightseeing by bike. During that tour we will make 13 km / 8 miles and will see the most important sites as well as local favourites and breathtaking nature. This tour covers sites and topics such as: the Royal Route, Old Town, World War II, Frederick Chopin, Marie Curie, modern-day Warsaw, post-industrial heritage, post-war reconstruction, and Vistula River. After this tour you will get a larger picture of the city, and you will know it better than most visitors. Picking this way of sightseeing you are able to see more and spend a great time being active. Touring the city by bike is accessible to most ages and fitness levels. Bikes are included in the tour price.
Varsovia histórica, Gueto y Alzamiento
Hablaremos sobre la creación de la ciudad, su historia más antigua y reciente, también sobre la actualidad. Historia del castillo real, catedral, barrio de Praga, alzamiento de Varsovia, barricadas e intrigas durante la sublevación, muralla medieval, reconstrucción, casa de Marie Curie, Gueto y monumento de los héroes sublevados. Aparte podremos ver cualquier punto de interés fuera de este recorrido. Otros aspectos destacables Si llueve paraguas, chubasquero o gorra
Flavors of Polish Christmas, a Dinner
Christmas is by far the most important celebration in Poland. Almost all of the dishes that we serve on that day are cooked only once a year! During this 3 course dinner you will taste the most popular Christmas food and learn how to make the famous Polish dumplings. Drinks included! Taste the famous beetroot soup with mushroom stuffed dumplings, MAKE delicious pierogi with sauerkraut and last but not least, indulge yourself in the festive poppy seed dessert! Please, come hungry:-) In addition to the meal, you will get to know the famous Polish Christmas traditions, such as breaking wafers or setting extra plate on the table. A tasting of Polish liqueurs (or a soft drink) included This class is available only in December! Check up my other experience: https://www.airbnb.com/make-dumplings-not-war_cooking-class Other things to note Please, come hungry!
One of a kind photo session with a local
***You can check out my Instagram @atnadro*** >We will meet each other in the the beautiful Park Saski where we will catch some green spots of Warsaw. >We will sit down in one of the Old Town's coffee place, have a coffee or other drink and take more photos > We will walk to the Old Town where we will be sneaking through small streets and stairs. I will leave you next to the Royal Castle, so you can know exactly where you are. You'll have photos that will keep your memory of Warsaw more alive. I will edit the photos and deliver it to you within 2-3 days from the photoshoot. If you need an urgent delivery within 24h we can arrange that extra. :) I will deliver around 40-50 edittted photos. -->This is for single travelers, friends, couples and also people with animals are very welcomed. I usualy try to catch as natural photos as possible, I will help you pose to the photos, but I also like to catch the natural moments. Do not be shy, I will take a lot photos and select the best ones! :) Other things to note: I will write you before the session where we will meet exactly
Polish Food Walking Tour
Immerse yourself in the delights of hearty Polish cuisine by going on this comprehensive Polish food tour in Warsaw. Eliminate the language barriers when decoding menus, and benefit from having a guide to translate and explain menu items to you. Taste several different Polish dishes, such as “pierogi” (stuffed dumplings), with fun facts along the way, such as how each dish is made.
Photoshoot with skyscrapers of Warsaw
Instagram: @warsaw_photographer *****THE most popular photoshoot in Warsaw!***** This is unique experience for people who want to get a photo from the very heart of Warsaw, against the backdrop of modern architecture. I will be your personal photographer. We will have a walk through the modern streets of Warsaw seeking out the most beautiful landmarks, some secret squares and I will share with you my favorite spots of this extraordinary city whilst I capture the moment for you. Through this photo shoot we will enjoy of strolling and discovering the unexpected side of Warsaw. The photo walk will last up to 1,5 hours. And within a week I will send you the very best 150-200 images from your shoot. I am also happy to do TIKTOK video :) Let's get famous together! PHOTOSHOOT FOR: - Solo travellers - Couples - LGBTQ Let's discover Warsaw together and create an unbelievable memories. P.S. If proposed dates are not good for you and you still would like to take a part of this workshop , please contact me, I will try to arrange.
Warsaw Royal Route & Old Town Public Walking Tour
The Royal Route and the Old Town together form the historic core of Warsaw. The Royal Route is Warsaw's most beautiful avenue. The Old Town, on the other hand, was completely destroyed during World War II and has been magnificently reconstructed. Together with the Royal Castle, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980. Here's what you'll see along the tour: - Holy Cross Church with the Heart of Frédéric Chopin - Warsaw University campus - Presidential Palace - Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Magnificent buildings and palaces - Royal Castle with Royal Gardens - Market Square in the Old Town - Viewing terrace in the Old Town with a view of the river and the Praga district on the other side - Castle Square with the best instagram place for a photo During the tour I would also like to tell you about the people of Warsaw and their lifestyle. There will also be many tips for restaurants, bars and museums.
Explore Old Town Unesco Site & Royal Way
Experience the beauty of the Old Town and Royal Route. Learn about the history of the sites, about Warsaw`s turbulent past and one of the most outstanding reconstruction projects in the world history. Walk along cobbled narrow streets of the Old Town, and learn which parts of buildings are original, and which are reconstructed. Learn about the most important moments in Polish history. Then walk down the famous Royal Route, the most representative artery of the city. Here you will find many important buildings from historical standpoint and outstanding examples of Warsaw architecture. Discover the most breathtaking highlights as well as little-known hidden gems. After this tour you'll understand why it was decided to reconstruct this area after WWII, how difficult it was in the post-war reality, and why UNESCO made such an exception to award the area that was almost entirely rebuilt.
Warsaw Praga -- where modern, traditional, and bohemian meet
Join me on the Off the Beaten Path Warsaw walking tour during which I’ll show you everything you want to know about Praga, one of 10 Europe’s coolest neighborhoods, according to The Independent. It’s a fascinating place and quite different from your typical tourist destination. Full of hidden treasures and contrasts, it remembers the pre-war times and its inhabitants are the ones who can share the most interesting Warsaw stories with you. And they'll do that in their own slang. But do you know what’s best about Praga? It’s still not overcrowded with hordes of tourists and rush hour maniacs so it's the perfect place to experience the real city! During this tour you'll: • see where “The Pianist”, a monumental war drama included in BBC’s 100 Greatest Movies of the 21st Century, was shot. • listen to the true story that inspired “The Zookeeper’s Wife” – learn what parts of the movie are real and which were fiction • learn about the Jewish community in Praga and discover one of the biggest architectural mysteries of post-war Warsaw • take a stroll down the most hipster street in Warsaw • discover how Varsovians automatically know they're talking to someone from Praga • admire the most important Orthodox church in Warsaw and learn why it’s there • study stunning examples of street art created by world-famous artists • find out where you can learn about most well-known Polish drink