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Explore the Vesuvius riding a horse
Our tour is following the local laws,the only one with an horse path legally approved by the National Park of Vesuvius and fully covered by insurance, it will take place inside a Vineyard in the National park of Vesuvius(500 mts above sea level) however it will not go up to the crater since it's illegal "The ride is suitable both for beginners and experts - we will be there to help you! You will receive a small training and you'll be guided throughout this exciting excursion. " Our experience will start with a quick training before getting on the horse, to make everyone comfortable and understand how the horse behave and how we can get relaxed on them. Finally the real fun will begin by exploring the vineyards we will be able to cover some panoramic spots where we'll be able to look over Sorrento Coast and Capri Island. The ride lasts usually about 1 hour and 15 minutes For the finale you will enjoy a nice glass of our vesuvian wine and a little spread of all our local produces! Other things to note Is your first time riding a horse?No worries at all,I'll be really happy to introduce you in this magic and amazing world! If you don't find an available date feel free to contact us!
Truffle experience Rome
We'll have a day trip through the woods north of Rome, hunting truffles with the help of trained dogs, we will pass through areas rich in history of outstanding natural beauty. After the trip we will go to have lunch at my house, we will learn how to cook truffles dishes and we'll eat them for lunch with a very good wine. I will cook for you many different courses, all with fresh truffles! You will can taste many different combinations with fresh truffles! Other things to note We have two locations to do the tour, both easy to reach and close to Rome, it is possible to change location even a few days before the tour. This experience is also perfect for teams and team-building.
中文在地详尽导览,减低其他语言游览的文化差异! 天色渐暗,罗马的夜正要开始。漫步台伯河岸,在新旧交织的桥边,行经「台伯岛」,娓娓道来这条孕育伟大罗马的起源故事。 随后穿越古老的「犹太区」,灯火阑珊的广场小巷,平静的社区背后经历过一段血泪的历史。接着绕过「马切罗剧院」,抵达「威尼斯广场」,开始寻找白天看不见的绝美之城。我们将登上「卡比托利山丘」(会走一小段缓坡),两千多年前最神圣的地区,遥想古罗马的黄金年代。 随后悠閒地绕向「帝国广场大道」,凯撒、屋大维、图拉真...两侧千古风流人物彷彿在眼前重现。最后,我们停留「罗马竞技场 (斗兽场)」外,望着这座伫立在夜色中的古老的巨人,依然俯视着这世间的变化万千。 若您是自组团体,或是需要私人的导游、时间及特殊行程,请另外留言询问,谢谢! ** 其他注意事项 - 在这趟罗马徒步夜游,我们将如同罗马人,以步行穿梭古蹟区!夜游约为时两小时,请放鬆心情,尽量轻装参加,并穿上舒适的鞋,一起欣赏夜晚美好的罗马。当然也别忘了相机,捕捉难得一见的古老城市夜景! - This is Mandarin speaking (Chinese speaking ) Rome walking tour. If you need English speaking walking tour please let me know, thanks!
Let s make some homemade pasta
We will meet in the beautiful Ponte Milvio and then we walk to my home. We start our experience drinking coffee or cappuccino, eating a piece of homemade cake and then we will start our job... I will teach you how to make perfect handmade italian pasta from scratch, classic and colored, using only vegetables. If you are interested I can teach you vegan pasta (no Eggs) also. Then all together we enjoy it for lunch. Me and my mom will show you how to do traditional tomato sauce for the pasta. While we wait cooking pasta we enioy an aperitiv togheter. At the end of our class you will taste three different kind of pasta, ravioli with tomato sauce, butter and sage, and fettuccine any style. After lunch I will offer you Sambuca and Limoncello. Vegetarian are welcome. Before you book let me know if you have any intolerance and if there is something you don't like so I can adjust the menu for you. Other things to note My appartment is located on the 4th floor no elevator During summer time we have air conditioning Let me know if you have dairy restriction Let me know if you need a taxi
Sorrento coast sailing & food
Al mattino ci incontreremo al porto davanti alla mia barca, il benvenuto sarà tipicamente napoletano con dolcetto e caffè tradizionali della nostra terra. Appena finito leveremo gli ormeggi per uscire dal porto, issero' le vele e ci troveremo nel magico mondo antico dove le barche si muovevano senza assordanti rumori di motore, solo sciabordio dello scafo e sibilo del vento. Veleggeremo così verso la nostra destinazione, la costiera Sorrentina. Lungo il tragitto vi mostrerò le bellezze del Golfo, primo fra tutti il Vesuvio visto dal mare, dallo stesso punto di vista utilizzato da Plinio il vecchio per descrivere la violenta eruzione del 79 d.c., e le sue perle, Capri, Ischia e Procida, e l'antica Partenope(Napoli). Quando saremo giunti in costiera affonderemo l'ancora e gli ospiti potranno godere il meraviglioso mare della costiera facendo il bagno in luoghi raggiungibili solo in barca a vela. Nel frattempo, preparerò di persona un sostanzioso aperitivo con prodotti locali e subito dopo il pranzo, sempre con pietanze tipicamente Napoletane. Dopo il pranzo ed un ulteriore bagno nelle acque blu della costiera, cominceremo a fare un progressivo rientro al porto sempre spinti dal favore della brezza Marina. Nel percorso di rientro sarà mia cura cercare di costeggiare, per quanto possibile, la linea della costiera Sorrentina per mostrarne bene le bellezze agli ospiti.

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Family Vineyard- food&wine with view
When in Rome, do as the Romans do. You too can experience an exceptional winetour with private lunch or dinner with stunning view on Rome and the vineyards. Learn about winemaking techniques, taste organic wines and enjoy traditional local food. We are not a restaurant open to the public, you are going to enjoy a special private meal with traditional homemade menu. In the sunny days you can enjoy tasting and meal in terrace, in case of rain, you can enjoy the view on the vineyards from the winery. Other things to note inform us of any food restrictions. you can easily get to Frascati with train from Roma Termini. Merumalia, my Winery, is 5 mins driving from station,we can help you with transfer from train station
Taste the real -R-home
We'll take a tour in one of the biggest and suggestive market of Rome to take inspiration and buy the basic ingredients that we'll need. We'll taste some fresh specialities like mozzarella di bufala, parmesan cheese, ham, seasonal fruit, extra virgin oil and wine. Then I'll take you to my country home, away for a day from the confusion of the city where you'll find yourself surrounded by green, flowers and pets, you will learn the secrets of traditional italian cooking art, starting from fresh vegetable picked up from the garden. We'll finally enjoy the meal under the grape pergola with a glass of wine. Other things to note Transportation back to the city with a fast overground that will bring you to the city center,or to an underground connection. Inform me in advance of any food allergies
As an Italian Horsman
We'll pick you up at the station to start a little tour of the zone reaching the farm. At the farm we will have a breakfast with local products and a good coffee. During the morning you will have an intense “horse-relationship” experience, it will be helpful to understand our philosophy and keep in touch with our herd. We will stop for lunch togheter. In the afternoon you will have other activities based on your interest and skills; you could take care of foals, breeding duties, move the herd, search for medical herbs or have a wonderful ride in the wood. At the end of the day you will know there's another way to approach horses and others. Other things to note comfortable clothes (warm during the winter) which can be dirtied, horse boots or trekking shoes. Take your camera, sunscreen and a cap for the sun
Cook with Cristiana and Mamma Nora
During my cooking class, you will be able to immediately immerse yourself in a familiar and informal atmosphere, also thanks to the warm and welcoming ways of Mamma Nora. Before you know it, you will find yourself with an apron around your neck and ready to be part of her kitchen! You will discover and learn the secrets of homemade pasta, how to prepare a good savory sauce to accompany it and make one of the most famous Italian desserts: Tiramisù. Of course the menu can change according to guests's requests. We will cook together using mainly our all organic products, starting from the eggs of my hens. we will use flours of ancient Tuscan grains and above all we will cook with seasonal vegetables as they did in the past. We will cook inside the old celler of the Farm, as it is the coolest place we could find in summer! We will visit the garden to pick up some herbs, and for the brave ones, there will be a visit to our chicken coop! Once finished working, we will set the table and we will finally enjoy our wonderfully prepared meals. Other things to note Please, bring a lot of joy! We will spend the day together so It is forbidden to be sad! In summer, as we are in the country side, please wear long trousers and closed shoes... or bring mosquitos repellent cream. Please, advise me in advance, if you have special requests or in case of intollerances
Countryside Dream Farm in Tuscany with Lunch and Pool
We invite you to spend a relaxing day on our organic hilltop luxury farm in Tuscany, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. For a day you will get away from the crowds, heat, noise and queues. Enjoy a day of nature, incredible views, friendly people, great food and wine! Our experience starts in Florence Santa Maria Novella Central Station where you will meet and we will help you buy the train tickets to San Miniato. The train ride to San Miniato will take 40 minutes. Upon arrival, we'll walk around the estate so you can see our vineyard and olive grown. We'll visit the gardens to gather ingredients for our lunch, which we'll prepare together in our home kitchen. You'll find out how traditional Tuscan cuisine is simple, fresh, and delicious. Depending on the season, we might pick grapes, olives, wild asparagus, wild herbs, or even hunt for prized white truffles in autumn. During lunch we will taste of our red and rosé wine together with our extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. After lunch you're welcome to kick back in the garden, take a swim in our 20 meters infinity pool filled with salted water (the pool is open form May to September), or stroll up to see a remote little church. Let us know if you have allergies or dietary restrictions . Please note: This Experience is only for open-minded, ironic, smily people :-)

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BodyRafting Adventure Gole Alcantara
Il River Trekking/Body Rafting alle gole dell' Alcantara è un’esperienza emozionante a contatto con la natura e la forza del fiume. Una esperienza ideata per gli amanti delle “avventura”, per chi volesse conoscere meglio se stesso attraverso il “confronto” con i quattro elementi, tra acque, aria, fuoco e terra in un unico ed millenario elemento la “rocce”. La 1° parte è il River Trekking, consiste nel percorrere a piedi tratti del fiume, anche in salita, alternando diverse tecniche di progressione sportiva come il trekking, alcuni concetti di base presi in prestito dall’arrampicata, dal nuoto, e con qualche tuffo, se si vuole provare qualcosa di più adrenalinico. Raggiunta la cascata ora famosa “ Lacus Venĕris”. Lago di venere, posta alla fine del del River Trekk, dopo aver seguito le istruzioni impartite della guide per la posizione da mantenere durante la seconda parte, avrà inizio il Body Rafting . La 2° parte il Body Rafting, lasciandovi trasportare dalla corrente, tuffandovi in pozze verde smeraldo, scivolando nelle fredde acqua dell’Alcantara tra gli spettacolari prismi Colonnari; diventerete parte integrante di questo Incredibile Canyon. Altre cose da tenere a mente Bisogna saper nuotare? Non è necessario saper nuotare. La maggior parte del percorso si svolge in acque basse, in ogni caso indosserete il giubbino di salvataggio che vi terrà sempre a galla.
Cooking with Mamma
We'll be happy to welcome you with a good coffee and a glass of complimentary Prosecco waiting to start the course. We'll teach you the easiest recipe for making gnocchi or pasta as Italians mum and grandmas used to do and we will enjoy the lunch in a relaxing atmosphere....A sweet surprise ending the day!!! Can't wait to meet you! Other things to note we don't have a gluten free option, sorry vegetarians are welcome
Discovering Truffles Rome
Be prepared to enjoy your day in a peaceful place full of greenery, away from the city chaos. You’ll be able to watch a truffle dog at work in harmony with nature. We will walk in different types of woods, depending on the period, where you will find unblemished places and beautiful landscapes. You will become real experts, discovering the world of truffles! After the excursion, we will go to a typical Italian farmhouse where we will taste the truffles found in traditional Italian foods. The menu includes: - Appetizer with salami, cheeses, seasonal vegetables and bruschetta with truffles. - Homemade pasta with fresh truffles. - Eggs with truffles, seasonal vegetables. - Dessert. - Free water and wine. - Coffee and bitter. We also have menus for vegetarians, celiacs and vegans. It will be an unforgettable day, because you will have learned everything about truffles! Other things to note Long and comfortable trousers are required (the ankles must be covered ). I also suggest wearing a comfortable pair of boots. If you don’t have them, sneakers are good too. Bring a bottle of water.
Sailing Day Napoli - Capri -Grotta Azzurra e Faraglioni
Ci incontreremo vicino il Consolato Americano in Via Caracciolo 34, puoi venire in metrò/auto/bus/taxi o con la tua auto. Qui ci imbarcheremo e dopo un briefing sulla sicurezza, usciremo dal porto ed inizieremo la navigazione a vela (se c'è vento) verso Capri (4 ore di navigazione). Potrai vedere dal mare lo splendido Golfo di Napoli, la città, il Vesuvio e la costa di Sorrento. Navigheremo intorno tutta l'Isola di Capri. Se vuoi posso fermarmi alla Grotta Azzurra. Potrai visitarla con i servizi offerti a pagamento dal gestore della grotta (non inclusi). Ci fermeremo a Marina Piccola dove potrai tuffarti nelle splendide acque di Capri, pranzare e visitare i Faraglioni con il tender ed accedere a incantevoli insenature accessibili solo dal mare; potrai fare snorkeling o goderti il sole ed il panorama in assoluta tranquillità. Se lo desideri, posso svolgere mini lezioni di vela e farti partecipare attivamente alle manovre e alla navigazione della barca. Entro le ore 21,00 rientreremo in porto a vela a Napoli. L'itinerario e l'orario di rientro sono flessibili, farò il possibile per accontentarti in funzione delle condizioni meteo e dei tempi di navigazione. Minimo due persone. Keep in mind that mine is a sailboat, so sail slowly. This is not a boat rental with a skipper or even a commercial tour, but an experience to live with friends. QUESTA E' UN ESPERIENZA DIVERSA DA TUTTE
BachYard. A concert in the Vineyard.
My guests will enjoy one of the best views of the hillside in Cinque Terre, enjoy local specialties and listen to my Bach played live on the piano. The focus of this year, 2022, will be J. S. Bach's Goldberg Variations and Six Partitas. I will welcome my guests into my property, inside the Cinque Terre National Park, where they will visit a young vineyard, learn about the building techniques of the old dry stone walls that are peculiar to this area and hear some historical background of what makes our area so unique. Afterwards, they will enjoy a full dinner, a selection of wines and my homemade lemon liqueurs while enjoying classical piano music played live. I will only be able to transport a maximum of 6 guests per session in my vehicle but will help organise transportation for any extra guests who may be interested. The whole event will take place outdoors, on my terrace above the vines. If the weather does not allow for an enjoyable outdoor setting the event will be cancelled and our guests entirely reimbursed. For updates, check out our website: bachyard.com Bring along your camera, drinking water and an umbrella/blanket according to the weather. During these strange times you are also, unfortunately, required to bring a face mask.

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Spritz And Spaghetti, Tipsy Cooking Class
Holidays are meant for memories and fun. Experience one of the best clashes in the world, two Italian traditions fused together to create the ultimate experience. Spritz and Spaghetti! That's right. You will learn to make the ultimate Italian drink (Spritz) and the pinnacle of Italian food (Pasta) Cocktails & Carbonara. Get a little tipsy whilst throwing together your dinner. Your hosts will teach you how to cook the ultimate Carbonara (Vegetarian Option, Caccio Peppe) And also shake up the most refreshing Spritz. Airbnb is meant for experiences and this is not your average cooking class. Escape the heat, and enter our cooking school. The team will share with you three different types of Spritz - Aperol - Campari - Limoncello We will make the cocktails all in between making our dinner. Aperol will be our welcome lesson, Campari during the pasta and things start to get real saucy with the limoncello. What are you waiting for, come and join Spritz & Spaghetti for a memory you will never forget.
Family Vineyard
On the terrace of Merumalia Wine Resort, we'll introduce the history of the winery in front of a stunning view of amazing vineyards and Rome. We'll stroll through the vineyards, taking in the colors and textures. Then we'll visit the wine cellar, where we'll learn about winemaking techniques and taste our organic award-winning wines. Our tasting will be paired will local organic cheese and salami. Other things to note Bring your camera to take wonderful photos of the stunning view and wear comfortable shoes for a nice walk in the vineyards.
Professional Lab Pasta Experience
You will learn how to make many types of homemade pasta in a real laboratory of pasta, reviewed among the "best 10 pastificio in Rome" . In a maximum 10 people class, we will start with handmade pasta, made with different kind of flours: like ancient grain Triticum Monococcum, Grano Saraceno (buckwheat) and wholemeal flour. We will do thin sheets dough, explanation of safe food cutting procedures, realization of three types of ravioli, tortellini, fettuccine with two tipical italian sauces. The experience includes a delicious tasting of local cheese. We can also accomodate GLUTEN allergy guests for a very tasty fresh pasta and VEGAN guests for pasta without eggs. We will cook all pasta and the sauces made during the class, eating our differents kind of pasta done, sipping good italian wine. An express tiramisu preparation will follow as a dessert. Moreover, to all the participants will be offered complimentary, the exclusive Professional Chef Hat with logo of "Pastificio Faini". In additional to the regular program, everyday of the week a different version will be presented: Monday and Saturday Carbonara sauce; Tuesday-Friday CacioPepe sauce; Wednesday amatriciana, Thursday gnocchi! A membership registration is requested to make the class. (no extra cost is due). Same program available also in our second experience "Five Shapes of pasta in Antica Osteria"
Bar Crawling in Rome
Do you want to visit the BEST bars in downtown Rome where locals, expats, and travellers come to enjoy an incredible night? If you answered Yes,this is the nightlife experience you’re looking for! Our night starts at 10:45 at the HIGHLANDER PUB (Vicolo San Biagio 9) where guests can enjoy 1drink of choice + 1 shot of choice. Then we stroll through the picturesque streets of the Eternal City heading to a couple of extra bars along the way. In each one of them we'll get VIP entry as well as a Free welcome shot and drink specials. Our local tour guides will be hosting drinking games such as Beer pong and others all night long and of course, will also give you priceless recommendations about the city Whether you're travelling solo and looking for drinking buddies or with a group of friends, this is definitely the place to be!
Five shapes of fresh pasta in Antica Osteria
In this newborn experience you will create, all from scratch, your homemade 5 shapes of fresh pasta in a "Antica Osteria" founded in the late 1800s and recently converted into cooking school. You will taste your own pasta, with two different kind of italian fresh sauce, created and explained by the chef, immersed in a magical atmosphere between past and present. You will make the thin dough sheet with the rolling pin professional technique, safe food cutting procedures, realization of ravioli, agnolotti del plin, tortellini cappelletti and fettuccine. The experience includes a delicious tasting of local cheese with fresh prosecco. Tasting our different kind of pasta, sipping good Italian wine, an express tiramisu preparation will follow as a dessert. To all the participants will be offered complimentary, the exclusive Professional Chef Hat with logo of "Pastificio Faini". HACCP Certified for Food Hygiene and Safety in 2020 Creator of the one of the most reviewed experience in Rome, with more than 1700 five star reviews called "Professional Lab Pasta Experience".
Private photoshoot with a Pro photographer
Join me on one of the most beautiful private photo experience in Rome and create memories you cannot forget. If you are looking for nice photos in Rome this is the perfect experience for you. I love emotional photos, natural poses and expressions, clear and soft editing. I was born and grew up in Rome, you will have my city as background. If it's your first photoshoot don't worry, I will make you feel comfortable, I'm used to work with professional models and I can give you many tips and indications on how to make the best in front of my camera. We will walk in the most historical and fascinating parts of Rome and I will tell you anecdotes about the city and small curiosities that few people know. I like that you feel comfortable with me and that you are happy with the photos. We do the work together and it is always a great pleasure to meet you. I remember each person who booked, I like to get to know you before I photograph you. After photographing, we will enjoy a nice espresso at a special coffee shop. You can find me on Instagram as @shootingwithapro PLEASE NOTE: - Sometimes we need to reschedule due to rain, don't worry my availability is flexible. - Please let me know if you will be late. - Price is per person - Proposal shooting available for an extra charge
Handmade Pasta Class in Pantheon
I will teach you how to make the real Italian pasta from scratch. We will make two classic traditional pastas: ravioli and fettuccine. In addition to making homemade pasta we will prepare different sousec sauces: Tomato and basil, Amatriciana, Gricia, Butter and sage. I live in a 17° century building 50 meters close to Piazza Campo dei Fiori. I'll wait for you there, in one of the most ancient square of Rome to tell you welcome to this traditional experience. We'll taste an Italian coffe to break the ice and talk about roman cuisine, then I'll show you ingredients we'll need. Then the cooking class can begin! When we are finished we will cook, eat, and savour our pasta together. Other things to note We don't have a gluten free option, sorry. Please tell me for any food allergies or intolerance. Vegetarians are welcome!
⭐ Outdoor Rome Pasta & Pizza Cooking Class ⭐
THIS CLASS INCLUDES TIRAMISU' AND LIMONCELLO TASTING - UNLIMITED HOME MADE WINE ARE YOU READY for the highlight of your trip to Rome? A unique foodie experience that you'll never forget with Chef Giuseppe and the Rome Pizza School Team. Small Groups per Chef, will guarantee a One to One caring for the attendees. A technical and fun up to 4h course that will allow you in a few hours to know all the secrets for pasta and pizza, taught by a true licensed Mastro Pizzaiolo and Pastaio. You can not miss this incredible experience, the reviews speak for themselves. what we will do? 1) I will come to pick you up at the metro station 2) let's start with preparing the pizzas with one of my beautiful wood-burning ovens! 3) we will prepare 3 types of dough (pasta with eggs, pasta with water, pizza) 4) I will teach you 10 types of pasta shapes to make when you come back home 5) we will prepare 2 pasta dishes with 2 different sauces 6) Taste my famous tiramisu 7) I will take you back to the subway station 8) you will receive a summary document that explains step by step everything we have done together All this will take place in a bucolic setting, immersed in the fantastic archaeological area of the Ancient Appia. My own wine will not fail during the class Vegetarians & Vegans welcome (no dessert and cheese for vegans) Gluten-free ask for avail (+25 eu pp) CELIAC DISEASE IS NOT ADMITTED
Pasta Perfection Cooking Class
Crazy about pasta? You’ve come to the right place… Prepare to get your hands doughy on our quest for pasta perfection! Learn how to make authentic tiramisu and pasta with a fun, passionate Roman chef. Expect a warm welcome and a glass of bubbles (or tea / coffee) upon arrival. After getting to know each other, we’ll focus on the food! We'll get started by making our Tiramisu. This traditional dish is not the easy to master, but with fresh local ingredients, we'll learn how to get the perfect consistency and delicious flavour. Next Step: Pasta Prep. A true roman chef will tell you that pasta tastes best when it’s completely handmade. Using just one egg and some flour, we will beat our mix into the perfect pasta dough and cut it into fine strips of fettuccini. Rome is famous for 2 pasta sauces: Cacio E Pepe or Carbonara. Try your hand at one of these famous dishes as you learn about culinary methods and traditions passed down through generations. Following that, we will sit together as a group and enjoy our wonderful Roman meal. Expect stories of traditional foods and the people behind them. And complimentary drinks, of course. -Fresh Local Ingredients Only! -Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements. IMPORTANT: Please note due to our menu, we cannot accommodate participants that have coeliac disease and/or follow a vegan diet.
Authentic Pizza Class, secret Dough, starter and San Marzano
You will have the best experience of your life! The most popular food in the world! You will make your own pizza in the city that invented it! So First step I'll give aprons, and we'll start creating the dough. You gonna receive all explanations about ingredients. its process and secrets, step by step you'll make your neapolitan dough! Second step will be about cutting the dough, through a special and old technique of more than 600 years, called "mozzatura", learnt from mozzarella chefs. After i will give you a local starter, you will taste organic products tomato from Vesuvio , homemade bread and fried arancini. This part is very important for you to understand the high quality of products that everybody should use while cooking. Finally we gonna make the Margherita pizza! I will show you how to stretch out pizza dough and add ingredients on top like only a pizza chef does. I'll explain you each ingredient but a little focus more on our juicy San Marzano tomato recipe. Last step we will cook the pizza in the neapolitan oven. I'll give you many info's about that and you will also put your pizza on the plate. While you'll enjoy your pizza with an included drink, I'll tell you the history of Pizza. And finally you'll receive a personalized diploma!
Capri premium yacht tour
Capri Premium Tour Our exclusive tour of 8 hours starts from Sorrento at 9:30 AM sailing along the peninsula’s stunning coastline passing Marina Grande, Massa Lubrense and Mitigliano Bay , whilst enjoying a refreshing aperitif. The tour proceeds straight to Capri , where we will stop in the most breathtaking areas of the island like: Withe, Green and Blue Grotto,the Champagne and the Heart cave, the Faraglioni rocks and the Punta Carena lighthouse , Tiberio’s jump and Villa Malaparte. (Blue Grotto entrance is optional). After your guided tour around the island's coast we'll disembark at Marina Piccola of Capri , where you will have 4 hours of free time to spend on shore, enough to visit the famous Piazzetta and Anacapri . On the way back we will stop for a swim , providing you with snorkeling equipment. Our last stop before Sorrento at 5 pm will be in the fantastic Queen Giovanna’s Bath, surrounded by the ruins of the oldest Roman Villa of the coast. Before saying goodbye we will offer you a glass of limoncello ! Other things to note Please note that in case of bad sea condition the tour might be cancelled and we can reprotect guests to another day or we will give a total refound. Blue Grotto entrance at an extra cost of €14 P.P.
Unique photos and having fun in Rome
Would you like to have good memory in Rome? Join me. You can find more photos in ig - emgarroteam/emgarro. We are going to meet at the park close to Colosseum and I will make you photos there. Later keep walking to Roman Imperiali for phootos. On our way I will inform you some historical sides of Rome. Our next destination is Piazza Venezia. After taking photos there where are finishing our experience. In the end you will get all photos taken during session an extra 10 edited photos in 24 hours after photosession. For extra photo you can extra pay and ask me some more edited photos. My working principle is always to be more creative and I am not taking standard, cliche photos. I am making an Art and my eyes of view helps me to catch the natural moments with sincere, warm feelings. I am editing photos very naturally for not to lose true light and nativity. Besides these I am helping about posing and feeling relax in order to get beautiful photos. Generally guests’ mood is also important and it affects each detail during the photo shoot. Note: If you would like to go another places such as Trevi, Panteon, Piazza Navona or special area, feel free to keep in touch with me. Every spot has own time to make amazing photos. It is better to keep in touch with me before booking if you have any speacial idea to do or to go. I know Rome very well and what time is perfect for photos.
Super fun Pasta and Gelato making near the Vatican
This hands-on pasta and gelato making lesson is perfect for anyone who loves Italian food. Taught by a passionate friendly chef, you will learn step by step how to prepare these Italian icons using fresh and natural ingredients. The lesson is for all ages and anyone from beginner to seasoned cook. You will take home your new knowledge and impress your guests with pasta made from scratch! You don't have to tell them how easy it is!
Explore the Vesuvius riding a horse
Our tour is following the local laws,the only one with an horse path legally approved by the National Park of Vesuvius and fully covered by insurance, it will take place inside a Vineyard in the National park of Vesuvius(500 mts above sea level) however it will not go up to the crater since it's illegal "The ride is suitable both for beginners and experts - we will be there to help you! You will receive a small training and you'll be guided throughout this exciting excursion. " Our experience will start with a quick training before getting on the horse, to make everyone comfortable and understand how the horse behave and how we can get relaxed on them. Finally the real fun will begin by exploring the vineyards we will be able to cover some panoramic spots where we'll be able to look over Sorrento Coast and Capri Island. The ride lasts usually about 1 hour and 15 minutes For the finale you will enjoy a nice glass of our vesuvian wine and a little spread of all our local produces! Other things to note Is your first time riding a horse?No worries at all,I'll be really happy to introduce you in this magic and amazing world! If you don't find an available date feel free to contact us!
Enjoy Pasta Masterclass & Wine Tour in the vineyard
We will have fun and relax by cooking fresh Pasta from scratch in a unique context: my family's 17th century family-run wine farmhouse, located in Frascati's vineyards (only 24 minutes train ride from Rome!). We will also enjoy a guided Wine Tour of our vineyard and farmhouse (a sort of wine museum now, no modern winemaking there) and have a Wine tasting of our nr. 3 family Wines, along with the lunch that will include the pasta varieties prepared by you, the tasty appetizers and the local sweets! Last but not least, will have fun with a brief traditional music interlude as per Frascati's tradition! We will meet in Frascati station and we will then accompany you to my family farmhouse (only 5 minutes drive, we arrange the van) to discover panoramic scenarios and make our activities in this special place.. Me and my family team, also made of Chef and food blogger, will teach you how to prepare nr.2 of the traditional local pasta varieties, including “Ravioli” stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach, and “Fettuccine“, as well as some of the secrets of the local culinary tradition handed down by my Grandma! I will also provide you with our detailed Pasta recipes! At the end of the experience we will accompany you back in Frascati central station, where you will have several trains to go back to Roma Termini station! Instagram @minardiwinery