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Get Hooked on Fishing
"Learn To Fish" As they say “The early bird catches the Worm”, the experience begins early in the morning in Baga. The Necessary gear will be provided depending on your prior fishing experience. As we trek towards our first fishing spot, we will brush on the safety requirements for this activity as well as you will be introduced to the equipment which will be utilized for the activity. We will fish at the spot until the fish bites decrease and once you are accustomed to the surroundings we will make our way to another hidden spot which is very scenic and breathtaking. Make sure you are ready and your lines are tight at all times, as you may have the bite of your lifetime. This Fishing Experience is going to be just the beginning to a whole new world of Angling. If you are a beginner need not worry, you will learn to fish from scratch. I will assure everyone experiences the feeling of “one last catch” having you ‘Hooked on’ for more! Important points to keep in mind before booking - Request availability if favorable time slot is not available. - This is a land based fishing experience! - Accompaniment is not allowed. - If you aren't ready to get your hands dirty this Activity ain't for you.
Fontainhas Heritage Walk
The walk begins Tobacco Square near the main Post Office in Panjim and then leads us into the heritage precinct of St. Thomas ward, passing the small chapel of Sao Tome. We visit the famous 31st January Street, and then move into the Fontainhas area passing by the chapel of St. Sebastian. This leads to a cluster of interesting buildings around Panjim Inn, Portuguese Foundation, and Galerie Gitanjali. We arrange an exclusive music appreciation session by a Goan musician while you get insights into Portuguese influence on Goan music. Get mesmerized by Latin and Konkani Folk music performed by the musician. We then return to the Post Office by a different route highlighting the elements and places of interest that liven up the Latin Quarters in the evenings . Our presenters will highlight all the above places with fascinating history and anecdotes that are unheard of and will share a very unique perspective of the making of Fontainhas. Other things to note: You may bring infants and toddlers based on your own judgement for this experience. We suggest you to bring your own water bottle, preferably a reusable water bottle as we would like to minimize the usage of single use plastic products. Wear comfortable footwear and carry a Hat/ Cap.
Discovery of Divar Island - E Bike Tours
Venture beyond typical beaches and head to Divar, a completely different realm that exists across Mandovi River. Divar Island will surely enchant you with its splendours. Witness time slowing down in this quaint river island situated just a few miles from the capital city of Panjim. Ride through patches of fields, mangroves, churches, temple sites and beautiful houses. Breathe and live rich heritage from traditional occupations like fishing. After immersing yourself in an unseen side of North Goa. The pretty locations and locals of Divar will entice all those looking for untouched pristine beauty. What makes this tour special? • E-biking experience on the beautiful winding roads of Divar Island. • One of the finest baroque churches of Goa with a 360 degree panoramic view. • A mystical temple site dating back to over 1000 years. • Insights to traditional occupations like fishing and learn more about sluice gates.
Rock pools and jungle trails
Join us on this beautiful jungle trail with engaging rock pools and stream crossings to splash in, thick dark green vegetation and traces of life in the form of birds calls, animal scat, sightings of bison in the foliage and langurs playing on tree tops, a variety of butterflies, will make us fall in love with the great outdoors all over again. This trail will heighten your senses, with plenty of tree cover and cool waters to provide us with respite from the heat. This 5 km walk always seems to have been covered quicker than expected. The turn around point is a majestic seasonal water fall – from October to April. The perennial pool created by the waterfall is ideal to cool off or swim in its deep cool waters, or you can sit by the natural steps and marvel at the birds of prey soaring high within its cauldron like structured rock walls. This is much more than just a waterfall if you enjoy being in nature untouched by commerce. With our hearts and souls satiated, we will head back to the village for a scrumptious lunch prepared by a local family from the village using local and seasonal ingredients. A brilliant way to end the experience.
Pub Crawl and Local Wine Tasting Tour
We run our Pub Crawl on philosophy: Drink triple. See double. Act single ;). Unwind your evening with an exciting pub crawl in the heart of Goa. We will hop from one pub to another, experiencing the nightlife of the city and taste local Goan beverages and food with lots's of stories associated with them. We will start your bar journey from India's first E Beer pub, where you can pour beer on tap right at your table, also this place has a typical Goan feel to it. From here we will move to next place where you can sip verities of Goan Feni (Coconut Feni, Cashew Feni, Urak) it's said that Goa are incomplete without sips of feni drink, which has been produced from 400 years in a typical Portuguese way. Our third stop is a super cute, super local bar serving Goa's homemade fresh draft beer, and at the last spot you can sip a local wine while watching a calm river front and admiring its beauty. Guys it's not just about booze! some talks, enjoy fun games, some dance, some music and even more fun to make it a night to remember. Also we will share some insider info about the best booze in the area in city. The Night Bar and Pub Hopping Tour ends at the third Pub but not the fun :) Other things to note Legal drinking age in Goa is 18 years, please carry your id card showing age proof in case if it is needed at any location.
Monsoon Sea-side Exploratory Trail
Our meeting point is Keri Beach - the Northernmost tip of Goa with the Arabian sea on the west and the state of Maharashtra in the north. After warm welcome followed by a briefing of your day with us, we will head out on an exploration of the vast Paliyem Platue at a leisurely pace or one that suites your fitness level. You will experience various geographical features, starting with a short walk on the beach , trudge a thick forested slope , wander a laterite platue with a lot of vegetation and little streams during the monsoons, water break and pictures at a cliff face and then we will follow a forest stream which flows into a fresh water pond on the beach, there are several rock pools inviting us to cool off before we walk across the beach (Kollum Beach ) and then onto a hill trail with the splendid Arabian sea for company and mesmerizing vistas on the way , finally we will arrive at Keri Beach.
Premium pet-friendly guided kayak tours in Chapora river
Hi globe trotter! Join me on the most picturesque kayaking experience in the backwaters of river Chapora --- a calm,little-known river, yet home to unique fauna and birds. We walk by the river as we sip on some freshly picked tender coconut water before we start kayaking in one of the cleanest river waters in the country. We watch birds fly and fish jump out of the water almost always in this pure ,untouched hinterland experience of a lifetime,leaving you yearning for more of a Goa that you never knew existed. The trail is easy and short,lasting around 2 hours. While kayaking is a fairly easy exercise in the calm backwaters, interested children and senior citizens can enjoy this activity in absolute safety with me in government licensed kayaks and safety equipment , accompanying you throughout.
Walking through the Mansions of Goa
The village of Chandor is famous for the legend of a queen's curse that was brought upon the village as a result of treachery of the warriors of the kingdom. We will be exploring Chandor as it stands today speaking of its rich past and we meet the current generations of the family members and walk through the most prestigious Indo Portuguese mansions of the village. Join us as we take a look at Chandor through its houses. We start off at the main church of Chandor where we will be sharing some very unique anecdotes and the stories of a feast that gets celebrated in the village. Moving on, we walk through one of the largest houses of Goa, Braganca mansion with one of the descendants of the royal family. We get a true touch of royalty in the majestic mansion through its ballroom and artefacts. We move to a site from the Kadamba dynasty, way before the Portuguese era, listening to stories about a Queen's curse and how one of Goa's folk dances came to be. We then move to walk through one of the oldest houses of Goa, a 800+ year old mansion which has some secrets hidden behind a wardrobe. We conclude the experience with a visit to a local chapel, a bridge overlooking the Kushavati river and a local spot to munch on some delectable snacks.
Mangrove Kayaking in the Backwaters of Goa
The experience will be in Tivim village, North Goa. Guests will get a 15-20 mins briefing on the basic techniques of kayaking and safety. The experience will be in a river. You will paddle through the rich mangrove ecosystem and explore the wildlife living within it. You can spot different species of birds like baya weavers, brahmini kites, drongos, cormorants, egrets, pond herons, water hens, woodpeckers and the colorful kingfishers. If you're lucky enough, you may spot the shy otters. Once the kayaking experience is completed, we provide a local breakfast. The total time for the whole experience is 2.5 to 3 hours that includes the briefing, kayaking and breakfast.
Goa Kayaking's Sal Backwaters
The Sal Backwaters - This popular and celebrated excursion on flat dammed up waters, takes you on a winding journey through narrow waterways deep in the mangroves, sighting different birds, fish, otters and exotic local plants like cashew, bamboo and mango, on the waters. Red and white lotus and loads of migratory birds, make this a must do trip for all ages. Meet up at Kareem’s, Water's Edge, Dongorim, Nuvem in South Goa and after a quick introduction, your tour host will start with a briefing on the river, the flora/ fauna, how to handle the kayak properly and what to see and look out for, during the trip. Slowly and silently weave your way along the narrow waterway, spot hundreds of birds at hand shaking distance! 4 types of kingfisher, 3 different cormorants, lapwings, pin-tailed ducks, pheasants, purple water fowl, white, purple and grey herons, egrets, black headed ibis and many more among more than 70 different types which live here. If lucky, you'll see the shy otters frolicking and feeding in the early morning and late evenings. Silently glide into the lotus ponds of our Gods and ancestors! This is one unforgettable experience and the feeling is hard to describe! For a part of the trip, you will even be kayaking in the tall grasses/scrub. Slowly glide under the overhangs of mango, cashew, bamboo and the overpowering mangroves, teeming with birdlife on all sides. Other things to note Your bottoms are bound to get damp/wet. A change of clothes and a towel if required, for the drive/ride back to your resort. In the countryside, there are no washrooms/change rooms. You could request the management of a nearby restaurant to use theirs. Carry drinking water, snacks.
Old Goa Heritage Walk
The walk starts at the Viceroy's Arch near the Ferry point, where you get introduced to the historical Portuguese past of Old Goa. Old Goa was also known as ‘Rome of the East’ due to the incidence of prettily designed churches and wide open piazzas. We then pay a visit to the very beautiful St. Cajeten church of the Italian Order. St. Cajetan Church also known as the Church of Divine Providence is a church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Goa. We then move ahead to old main street of Old Goa, the Rua Direita to pass by the Se Cathedral and the Church of St Francis. Se Cathedral is one of the most ancient and celebrated religious buildings of Goa. This magnificent 16th century monument in Goa, build under the Portuguese rule is the largest church in Asia. After surveying the pieces of ruined buildings displayed outside the Museum, we proceed to Old Goa’s earliest catholic structure, the Chapel of St Catherine, before visiting the magnificent Church of Our Lady of Rosary. Our Storytellers will highlight all the above places with fascinating history and anecdotes that are unheard of and will share a very unique perspective of the making of Old Goa. Please Note: The Basilica of Bom Jesus will remain shut for visitors and devotees due to restoration work. We will instead be visiting the magnificent Church of Our Lady of Rosary.
Goan Gowd Saraswat Culinary experience
Spend a day with us diving into the pescitarian culinary traditions of the Saraswat Brahmins of the Konkan region. This culinary experience includes a delicious and authentic Goan Gaud Saraswat Cuisine to tingle your taste buds. The experience will begin with a breakfast at the home of a local where you are introduced to the lives of the communities and tribes that live in the forests of South Goa. The breakfast will be followed by short trek to a stream where you can dip into crystal clear cold waters and just relax under the sun. Post the dip, meet the locals and hear legends and stories that surround Saraswat Brahmins and their culinary traditions. Enjoy a typical Goan fish platter that includes fish curry, rice, kismoor, rawa fried fish, pickle, salad, rice and sol kadi. You’ll also indulge 'Xitt kodi' and 'Nuste' which is loved by all Goans and a staple in every Goan household. After devouring the buffet, meet the the members of the Velip and Kunbi tribes and learn about their culture & lifestyle.
Mario Miranda and Goa- a Sketchwalk
Mario Miranda and Goa- a Sketchwalk Mario Miranda, Goa and Art are synonymous with each other, as the brilliant work of this illustrious artist and son of the soil can be seen across the state. This particular experience will help participants enrich themselves in Mario's work, and understand how to sketch on location through Urban Sketching. Gather at the Mario Gallery and look at the works of famous Goan artist Mario Miranda. Understand his urban sketches/on location live sketches and then head out to explore the streets of Margaon and discover nuances of different elements that make up the beautiful architecture, observe different activities and people, look at the street- all through a different viewpoint- that of an urban sketch. What makes a street come alive? What makes up a city? Is there a collective aesthetic to a city? What do we notice about people and their characteristics? We will be sketching as we walk, and walk as we sketch on location. No prior drawing skills or training required. :) Let not the word Sketching deter or scare you- once it begins, it's great fun.
Island Hopping E-Bike Tour
We depart from the starting point and take a ferry ride to Divar island. We head to fisherman’s hut overlooking the city of Old Goa. As we proceed to a mystical temple site, we visit one of the finest baroque churches of Goa on our way. We ride through patches of fields and dense mangroves. We then take another ferry from Divar island and head to Vanxim island. We explore the backwaters on a motorboat hosted by a local fisherfolk. Proceed for fishing and crab catching. Refresh yourself at a very peaceful house for a home cooked delicacy.
Exploring the Hinterlands of Goa
Cozily nestled in the beautiful outdoors of Rivona, the sleepy side of Goa - South Goa, our experience will introduce you to some marvels of the hinterlands - surrounded by verdant greenery and lush spring waters! We start off by visiting one of the most prominent temples of South Goa - promising to take you back to a long lost era through its fascinating stories & legends! We move on to get welcomed to a tour of a local plantation - where your taste buds are treated to a home cooked breakfast not found in any restaurant/cafe. In addition to that, you will be getting on small treks to get exploring two ancient caves of Goa, where you will be introduced to some secrets of the area. Moving on, we spot some intriguing prehistoric carvings scattered across a rocky bed around a serene river completely shrouded in mystery - and discover a treasure trove of secrets behind them! After which, we cross the bridge across the river to get to a local farm, sip on coconut water and cool off even further by diving into a freshwater stream! Tighten your seatbelts for this roller coaster ride into Goa's glorious past! Note: It is not a walking trail. Transport will be required to get between each of the points in the trail. We recommend using the same mode of transport used to come to the start point. Transport is not provided by Soul Travelling.
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