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Castaway Island Tour

Castaway Island Tour

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You will launch right off the only Public Beach in Downtown Key West. We provide coolers and we do have two drink holder on the bikes, wink-wink. We have LagerHeads Beach Bar at our launch site. Once on the water your guide will keep your group together on the water to explain the history of our the island and the…
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Coolers, Snorkels, and safety equipment alone with a tour guide.


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I am the owner of Key West HydroBikes a first of it kind Watersports experience in Key West. Our goal is to give you the most unique way to see our sunsets in Key West on the water with a great knowledgeable guide who can share the downtown views of our wonderful sunset city. I spent my whole childhood and teenager years living off and on with my uncle enjoying the Conch Lifestyle and would like to show you a piece of that experience with our Mallory Glow Tours on our very safe and stable HydroBikes. Accompanying me on our tours will be Shawn, a tour guide for three years on the waters of KW. We launch the Mallory Glow Tour and we are quickly becoming a must try in Key West.

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We will show you from the water the historic harbor of downtown Key West and the number one sites to watch the Sunsets during our night trips in the Lower Keys. All on the water. On you very safe and stable Hydrobikes. Your guide will show you with your feet on the ground the most disputed island across Downtown Key West Sky line Christmas Tree Island. Sight-see, picnic, or snorkel. Enjoy the Florida Keys wildlife right from downtown Key West


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Our bike are powered by you. Reaching 6-8 miles an hour on the water. Just like Pedaling a road bike on land. We have Tandem side by sides and single riders bikes for your selection. Fun for all ages
ركوب قارب
Castaway Island Tour
14 مراجعة
من $35/شخص
14 مراجعة
من $35/شخص