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We will visit the spectacular modernist creation of Antoni Gaudí: the PARK GUELL & its MONUMENTAL ZONE, where the reality and fantasy come together. SKIP THE LINE TICKETS ARE INCLUDED so we won't have to queue! I will take you through its gardens, bridges, viaducts and incredible paths. Be prepare for the Gaudí magic!
Other things to note
Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the tour as we will start "punctually".

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قابل مضيفك Val & Gaby

مضيف على Airbnb منذ 2017
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Check our instagram: @pickapictour

Since graduating in audiovisual arts I've been working as a photographer in advertising. Specialised in fashion and portraits I now own @pickapictour. In this proyect we are 2 local photographer girls and we really know how to get the best from you, even if you think you're not photogenic! Check our Instagram account @pickapictour and get amazed by our feed!
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$63 لكل شخص
$63 لكل شخص
$63 لكل شخص

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In this photoshoot tour we will ACCESS to the "MONUMENTAL ZONE", the most important part of the park! With a SKIP THE LINE TICKET :) We will photoshoot not only inside but also outside. Be prepared for the magic!

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سبتمبر 2021
Gaby is an outstanding photographer with a great personality to create a relaxed atmosphere guiding you to make natural looking poses. I have the best photos ever taken of me! Experience not to be missed
أغسطس 2021
Gaby was our photographer & she was so fun to work with. We are not used to being photographed so we felt a little awkward in the beginning but she made use feel comfortable as the session went on. She was so funny too, such a great personality. We are looking forward to seeing how the photos turned out.
يوليو 2021
Gaby was an absolute delight. She was friendly, knowledgeable and genuine. She gave us ideas and even allowed us to come up with our own. You won’t be disappointed.
يوليو 2021
We enjoyed very much this photoshoot with Gaby. We were celebrating the bachelorette of my friend, and Gaby prepared upfront some ideas of pictures to be taken for such an event. She was also very nice, funny and made us feel comfortable even tough we are not used to taking photoshoots. We can't wait for the results! At the end she also give us some suggestions of restaurants in Barcelona where we could go. Thanks a lot Gaby for this very nice experience!
يوليو 2021
Had a wonderful time. not only did we take pictures but as we went around the park she explained it's history. The park was very beautiful, can't wait to see our pictures
يونيو 2021
Gaby was so much fun. We had the best time and her knowledge about photography is amazing. She made me feel so comfortable and welcoming. I can highly recommend that experience!

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