Learn salsa in the nicest park in Nice

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We meet at the meeting point at the time booked, pass through the Fountain du Soleil and Place Masséna, walk into the Promenade du Paillon park to look for a place available (there are 5 in the park) and dance there!

This is a couple or individual session. Also, ask for a group session, if needed! :)

Don't be shy, if you have no idea of salsa I'll take my time to teach you, at your pace, no pressure, just fun :)

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I love dancing!, I participated in 4 dance contests (salsa, bachata, reggaeton, disco). My favorite is salsa, I taught it before coming to France during 3 years. I know very well how to help beginners to start in this world with great music!
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After meeting at the entrance of OGC Nice store, we will pass through the Fountain du Soleil, the main square Place Masséna and the big park Promenade du Paillon.

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أغسطس 2021
Ronald was really nice and made us feel very much at comfort. He really took the time to teach us every step and did it in a enthousiastic and patient way! Definetely a recommendation!!
يوليو 2021
Ronald is the most gentle, caring and funniest Salsa teacher I’ve ever met. The smile on his face makes the crowd around you disappear. As a salsa teacher, he is very professional, and very beginner friendly. His class is also suitable for experience salsa learners: Ronald showed me his salsa contest video, really amazing! So I believe you can still learn a lot from him in case you are an experienced salsa dancer. This experience is definitely the highlight of my journey. If you are traveling in Nice, don’t miss out!
Snigdha Choudary
يوليو 2021
It's been a great experience with Ronald. He is very easy to talk to and warm. You'll learn a good amount of basics and he makes it easy to follow. Strongly recommend :)
يوليو 2021
I had a great time dancing with Ronald! Yes, you will be dancing in public but you'll forget about it in minutes. Ronald will make you laugh and feel comfortable. Recommended!
سبتمبر 2019
Прекрасная возможность на отдыхе поучиться новому. Рональд хороший преподаватель и очень приятный человек. Самые лучшие рекомендации.
سبتمبر 2019
Отличный опыт - на отдыхе выучить танцевальные движения Сальсы. Рональд очень доброжелательный и прекрасный учитель .

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Clothes and accessories suitable for the weather (we dance in an open space)

Comfortable shoes (sandals not recommended)