A walk through Sasoon Docks

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We will begin with visiting one of the oldest & biggest fishing colonies in Mumbai - Sassoon Dock. Here we will witness how hundreds of Mumbaikars start their day & earn their daily livelihood.

We will see the cleaning & peeling of prawns, the ice factories for the fishing boats, a live fish auction, an actual fishing boat & many more activities. It is an absolute vibrant & buzzing place which is a great way to start your day & tour.

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I am the founder of Oscar Foundation, a non profit aimed at uplifting lives of over 3000 underprivileged children & their families. I have been born & bought up in the famous Cuffe Parade community -Ambedkar Nagar, the same area where the popular author Shantaram spent 8 years of his life. I can give you an insight into the different communities & their lifestyles. I also run another tour called "The other side of Mumbai" which is a walk through the famous Mumbai slums
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$25 لكل شخص
$25 لكل شخص
$25 لكل شخص

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We will be at Sasoon Dock, one of the oldest & biggest fishing communities in Mumbai. It is one of the few docks in the city open to the public.

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فبراير 2020
Don't miss this tour to Sasson Docks. Ashok will bring you around, explaining a lot about the fishermen lives, about the problems of decrease of fish in the sea related with people life, in general the conversation with him will be really interesting. His activity with Oscar Foundation is something that will increase in you the wish of doing something for helping him and also for helping people in general in your country, when you will come back!
فبراير 2020
Ashok is very involved into the future of the fishermen ( and women ) community.He showed us the differents sides of the Sassoon docks life with passion!
يناير 2020
Ashok’s personal experience gave him a deep insight of the places he took me to see and I am most impressed by what he has achieved with his OSCAR Foundation.
يناير 2020
Excellent experience. Ashok was punctual and communicated well on meet up point and expectations. He knew the docks very well and is still part of that community. This atmosphere of the docks is vibrant, loud, colorful and high energy. Great morning trip and amazing seeing the variety of produce and how it runs. He was a great guide and his passion for the community really made it memorable. Highly recommend!
يناير 2020
Ashok grew up in the fishing community so he knows the culture and people well. Great to hear his insights as we walked around as well as his commitment to helping the children of the fishing industry get a better education and future livelihoods opportunities.
يناير 2020
Ashok was a wonderful guide, very friendly and knowledgable about the place and people who work there. It was great to learn about the workings of the docks and his NGO work. Great experience.

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