Desert journey from Marrakesh to Fez

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مغامرة يستضيفها Younes

3 أيام, الاستضافة باللغة الإنجليزية

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On this three-day road trip, we’ll travel from the city of Marrakesh through the Atlas Mountains and the dunes of the Sahara Desert, eventually reaching the city of Fez.

We’ll stop to see Morocco's dramatic gorges including the Dades Gorge, Todra Gorge, and Ziz Gorge. We’ll pass through Berber villages and kasbah ruins, ride camels through the desert near the town of Merzouga, visit the picturesque city of Ouarzazate, and tour the village of Ifrane with its stunning Alpine-style architecture and Cedar forests.

الميزات المشمولة

  • أماكن الإقامة
     2 ليال في خيمة تخييم 
  • الطعام
    2 وجبات الإفطار, 2 وجبات العشاء
  • المواصلات
     3 سيارة نزهات

دليل رحلتك

  • اليوم 1

    Drive from Marrakesh to Dades Gorge
    Drive past Berber villages and kasbah ruins to Dades Gorge, stop at Ouarzazate for lunch.
  • اليوم 2

    Todra Gorge and Merzouga desert town
    Visit Todra Gorge in the Atlas Mountains, then ride camels across the dunes of the Sahara.
  • اليوم 3

    Drive to Fez, pass the town of Ifrane
    Spot apes and ride along the magnificent Ziz Gorges as we head to Fez.

قابل مضيفك Younes

مضيف على Airbnb منذ 2017
  • 11 تقييمًا
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Younes & Mourad direct descendants of a Berber family forming part of the Ait zdak community.I'm working in tourism industry for more than 13 years, the mixture of desert lifestyle and tourism industry reflected in our mind incredible mixture of experiences and cultural variation. I'm excited to share our knowledge about the Berber culture and Morocco history. I'm sure that you will enjoy our sightseeing trips and activities in Fez. We love Morocco and we’d love to help you make your dream of traveling here a realty.
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$443 لكل شخص

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Cafe France

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مارس 2020
Had an amazing Marrakech to Fez experience A wonderful guide who was helpful friendly and passionate about Morocco and was great to talk to. I would highly recommend this tour company
مارس 2020
This was a fantastic experience. Our driver was Mohamed, who was very professional and friendly. It was just my girlfriend and I on the tour, so it really was special and catered to our needs. You log a lot of miles in the van, but it was very comfortable. For the Merzouga desert night, you will be given the option of upgrading to a luxury camp, which we did, for €49 pp. It was luxurious indeed, and maybe the highlight of our trip. I would definitely recommend doing so. We went on a camel ride both at sunset and sunrise the next morning. The dunes are amazing.. There is so many things to see on the long drive from Marrakech to Fez (desert, mountains, small towns, casbahs), that it’s like traveling through many different countries. I’m glad we went.
مارس 2020
The cultural understanding and bond between yourself and the Moroccan people is strengthen with every mile through the mountains, deserts, villages of Morocco. The adventure is well organized, safe, educational, and the views are priceless. I’m not going to write any more because it would just delay you from booking this adventure.
مارس 2020
We started in Marrakech and finished in Fez. And this Airbnb trip was the perfect way to see other parts of the country along the way! The night in the desert was incredible, truly sand all around you and we watched the sunset on fresh dunes that didn't have any footprints on them yet. The other cities and stops on this multi-day trip were so educational and eye opening. Incredibly different from the cities. A lot of the people in the small towns don't even speak Arabic, they speak a native language - Berber- which thankfully our guide spoke. I highly recommend this trip for anyone who wants to get the full Moroccan experience!
مارس 2020
Nous avons beaucoup apprécié notre expérience. Ydir a été un guide de très grande qualité, il a beaucoup de connaissances sur le pays, la culture et possède un bon sens de l’humour. Sa conduite du véhicule est irréprochable et le véhicule est bien adapté ( confortable, sécuritaire et récent). Le parcours est intéressant, on découvre la culture berbère, il y a une grande diversité de paysages. Le parcours est bien organisé, Ydir est bien attentionné, il y a des pauses fréquentes et des lieux bien choisis pour les repas, de sorte que le temps passé en voiture a passé rapidement. Le séjour dans les dunes est inoubliable mais le confort des lits au bivouac pourrait être amélioré.
فبراير 2020
Definitely worth it. I cannot praise our guide and driver, Ydir, enough. He's so incredibly kind, likeable and an excellent host the whole time in our small group. He shared his life with us, and honestly the best concept j had of what Morocco is like came from his insights. Younes operates the company and communicating with him is fairly straight forward. The desert is cold at night when it's not summer, so bring warm clothes. The desert camp could be improved in aesthetic and organization and communication. We got there and weren't told what was happening for a long time. The tents are very basic and it was clear that someone had smoked in my tent. In that sense, I think they can choose a better third party to operate the desert camp. Despite this hiccup, the rest of the journey was honestly some of the best time I spent in Morocco, and a small group makes all the difference: more personal experience, a guide who you can befriend, and most importantly, a car that's more comfortable and can navigate roads that the larger van/bus vehicles would find difficult. I highly recommend this experience, and a lot of it is because Ydir is just great!

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