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You will practice yoga in a quiet place close to Bastille. After yoga and méditation you will be ready to taste and smell amazing wine which are 100% naturel and organic.

The wines will be served with vegan or cheese and charcuterie plate cooked by the owner on the morning.

At the end you will be a bit tipsy and relax!
Other things to note
Althought you are not a yoga fan or you never practice this class is available for everybody!

الميزات المشمولة

  • الطعام
    Vegan plate
    cheese and charcuterie plate optional
  • المشروبات
    Three amazing wines from France, you will be surprised by the quality of th...

قابل مضيفك Guena

مضيف على Airbnb منذ 2015
  • 25 تقييمًا
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Grande passionnée de vins et de yoga (oui nous pouvons allier les deux!) j’ai été diplômée d’une grande école de commerce et travaille dans le secteur du vin depuis plus de 7 ans. En tant qu'aventurière j'ai eu le courage de passer mon diplôme pour devenir professeur de yoga et de méditation! Un réel plaisir aujourd'hui de pouvoir donner des cours! Transmettre sa passion cela n'a pas de prix.

Venez vivre une expérience inoubliable au sein d’un magnifique bar à vin en plein cœur de Paris, tenue par une jeune femme pétillante!
لحماية المبالغ المدفوعة، لا تقُم بتحويل الأموال أو التواصل خارج موقع أو تطبيق Airbnb. معرفة المزيد


$57 لكل شخص
$57 لكل شخص
$46 لكل شخص، عوضًا عن $57
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this wine bar was created by a wonderful a passionate woman called Anne who is really happy and glad to welcome you on Saturday.
We Will be 100% alone in this place to have a quit and relaxing moment. You could have a dinner in one of the best restaurants of Paris 5 minutes from the wine bar !

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يناير 2020
Such a fantastic experience - the yin yoga was relaxing, and the wine tasting was superb. Guena is a true oenologue and her knowledge was vast. You will certainly love this experience in Paris. (Note: everything was in French.)
نوفمبر 2019
Wonderful experience! The host was very knowledgeable - especially about the wine which was all bio-dynamic. The yoga space was definitely cramped but it was a lovely space.
Kjetil Fisketjøn
نوفمبر 2019
This was my first yoga session ever. It was a great experience with high quality instructor and a welcoming atmosphere. A really nice combination- highly recommended!
أكتوبر 2019
This experience was great. She has lots of knowledge and skills and I felt like I left a lot more educated than when I got there. Also, definitely brought some comet cheese home with me because of the wine tasting 😍😍
مايو 2019
Guena has a unique gift as a sommelier that she combined with her yoga expertise to provide a very entertaining and educational experience. This experience was beyond my expectations !
مايو 2019
Guena was very knowledgeable with both wine and yoga! She provided us with a wonderful space to relax and learn and have fun! Definitely recommend, definitely would go again!

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Legging and t-shirt
Tapis de yoga ou serviette

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لاسترداد المبلغ المدفوع بالكامل، عليك الإلغاء حتى 7 أيام قبل موعد بدء تجربة السفر، أو في غضون 24 ساعة من الحجز طالما تم الحجز قبل أكثر من 48 ساعة من موعد بدء تجربة السفر.