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Plucky and I will take you on a boat ride around the famous Blue Lagoon, stopping at Monkey Island, a gem in the sea, where you can relax and unwind. Upon finishing at Monkey Island the boat ride takes you to the Mineral Spring where you can witness serenity and beauty. This is a truly magnificent experience where you will learn the history of the Blue Lagoon and surroundings while seeing places where famous movies have been shot! You will definitely have a blast!
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Nature lovers at heart, Plucky and I truly love being in the water. Plucky has been boating for over 10 years and we enjoy sharing our passion for Jamaica and nature with others. We also have the inside scoop on the best spots and things to do around the island, just ask ;-)
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We'll meet at the Blue Lagoon parking lot then make our way on the beautiful lagoon, where you’ll be able enjoy the unique scenery.

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يناير 2022
Plucky was an awesome host, taking us through the lagoon, along the ocean, letting us hang out at Monkey Island for however long we liked, and also dropping us off at the mineral springs (where the water makes you feel 10 years younger 😊). When you arrive there are a lot of people trying to offer you the boat tour but just make sure to ask for plucky.
سبتمبر 2020
For anyone visiting Jamaica i recommend going on this boat right to see the blue lagoon an you see the sea turtles i took my wife on the experience an we both loved it plan on taking her back to the resorts they have available for rent with a personal chef. Very nice place to visit
مارس 2020
The boat ride to Monkey Island and around Blue Lagoon was fun, and I was glad to support. Plucky was a great guide and did a great job. Personally, my partner and I are great swimmers and like to do things at our own pace. We could've swam out to the island ourselves and snorkeled around the area without the boat ride. We enjoyed the boat ride around the lagoon, and learned of a great tree swing because of it which we swam back out to following the trip with Plucky.
أكتوبر 2019
I love this tour! it is a unique experience to swim and learn about the blue lagoon! Our tour guide knew a lot of history behind the houses in the area as well as all the houses built around it and the movies that were filmed. Overall it was an amazing experience where you get to be in one of the hot tourist spots in Jamaica
أغسطس 2019
Luckily someone working pointed us in the right direction. But we didn’t know where to park or where to go really. The person we ran into was actually separate from our tour and was trying to get us to pay for another tour. Luckily he knew who we were looking for and took us to him. The boat ride was nice, couldn’t really hear the driver explain the scenery though. The little beach we went to was nice though, we got to decide when we wanted to be picked back up. But that was pretty much it, I expected a little more. But still a decent experience
يونيو 2019
Such an amazing experience to be in the Blue Lagoon. Our boat captain took us to Monkey island where we were able to get off and explore. Once we got back in the boat he took us into the lagoon where he helped us climb up trees and take really cool pics! Once we got back to the dock, he walked us over to the mineral pool. Overall an amazing experience !

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