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Together we will trace the Toronto footsteps of abolitionists Harriet Tubman, Josiah Henson, and others. As we explore schools, churches, and parks that played key roles in the Underground Railroad, we'll discuss why and how many black leaders—including former slaves—migrated to Toronto and built the foundations of a strong black community.
Other things to note
Dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes. Bring your camera and water for the walk.

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    A drink at end of walk

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I am a traveler, writer, and Ph.D. student researching the concept of being "outdoors while black." I'm also a certified hike leader for two outdoor clubs.
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We will meet for a brief introduction before visiting key places linked to Toronto's Black history. We'll say goodbye after enjoying drinks at an African heritage cafe.

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سبتمبر 2021
This was an excellent tour. Not only did I learn much more about this area of Toronto, I learnt a lot about how our collective history has influenced what we eat, what we grow, how we relate to the space around us. Jacqueline is highly knowledgeable and very engaging. I definitely recommend this tour!
سبتمبر 2021
This is a very unique tour of Toronto that makes you look at the city in a different perspective. Jacqueline is an amazing host
يوليو 2021
It was an informative, thought-provoking Black History walk that connected my current Black experience in Toronto to a global context and historical perspective! Highly recommended!
يوليو 2021
Jacqueline is terrific - it’s great to have a PhD guide to walk us through 500 years of Black history in Toronto, Canada and beyond. We visited so many special places off the beaten path. Thank you!
ديسمبر 2020
Jacqueline gave some really amazing stories about Black history and challenged us to think critically about our shared histories. It was fairly cold and rainy, so unfortunately Jacqueline was unable to run the tour the way she would have liked, but despite that, she found a way to keep the energy up. She's extremely knowledgeable and we all had a great chat in between stops.
نوفمبر 2020
Jaqueline was a great tour guide and full of great information. We learned a lot. Our tour was during covid shut downs and a nearby protest so Jaqueline had to modify our route. Between Jaquelines storytelling and the beautifull weather we had a great experience. Thanks Jaqueline!

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Water for the walk