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Every day I organize private tasting events for Airbnb guests at "Crash Vibes and Wines", my wine bar in Rome!
You'll taste the best Italian wines and the most typical Italian products, in a very relaxed and warm atmosphere!

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I'm an entrepreneur in the Food&Wine sector, a professional drummer and Artistic Director for "Crash Vibes & WInes", a wine bar and live music club in Rome city center.
I am Vice President for the Italian Sommelier Foundation in Basilicata and I have organized wine tasting for many years.
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$40 لكل شخص
$40 لكل شخص

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The tasting experience will be at "Crash Vibes & Wines", a wine bar in Trieste-Salario neighbourhood, very close to the B1 Sant'Agnese Annibaliano" subway station.

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نوفمبر 2021
Amazing experience! Emiliano was a perfect host and his knowledge about the wines he offered us was very good! Also the food served with the wine was very tasty!
نوفمبر 2021
Really great and attentive serviced in a nice atmosphere. Giving it a 4 star because I thought the food pairings were quite generic compared those in wine tastings in other countries I've attended.
نوفمبر 2021
The wines we had were delicious, the food pairing, perfect. Emiliano made sure we were well taken care of, explaining each wine and food pairing. The other guests were fun and we all had a great time. Highly recommended.
نوفمبر 2021
This was such a fun experience. Emiliano is very thoughtful in his food and wine choices and explains everything very well. We enjoyed everything we had and wish we would’ve discovered his location sooner so we could’ve made it back several times. We will definitely return on our next trip to Rome!
نوفمبر 2021
We really enjoyed our wine tasting. Emiliano picked out some superb wines and also tailored the wines and food to our preferences we had told him about beforehand. Highly recommended!
نوفمبر 2021
I very much recommend this experience if you are visiting Rome. It was a great time with new friends and to experience wine tasting for the first time! Will do again next time I am in Rome!

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