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Basically nothing.
........chatting with the beautiful view of Bosporus.
I like to know new people so this activity gives me this opportunity.
Both side from each other we will learn much I am sure.
Socializing, getting know each other, becoming friends, those things I aim to obtain.

Important is the good mood, which we will give to each other
Please do not forget to bring good mood with you
I am excited to see you in this activity
You won’t regret.
See you soon

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    I do NOT provide ANYTHING for this experience. Main idea is socializing and...

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Hello everybody

Very often with my colleges and friends evenings, I hang out in the beautiful seaside just next to Beşiktaş boat station.

One day I told to myself, why I do not share this amazing experience in Airbnb. Main idea is to meet more people and socialize

So here I am :)
I would be very happy to guest you in this experience.
المضيفون المشاركون:
لحماية المبالغ المدفوعة، لا تقُم بتحويل الأموال أو التواصل خارج موقع أو تطبيق Airbnb. معرفة المزيد
$2 لكل شخص
$2 لكل شخص
$2 لكل شخص
$2 لكل شخص
$2 لكل شخص
$2 لكل شخص

أين ستكون

----At the beginning, we will meet in my house
----then we will go to nearest shop where you can select what kind of drinks you drink.
----After taking our drinks we will go all together to the seaside on Bosporus just next to the Beşiktaş Boat Station.
All activity will take place on seaside area where all other public local people sit.

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أكتوبر 2021
great conversations and helpful guy!! suggest to start with experiences hosted by burak. I had bad experiences in turkey with taxi drivers and hustlers. burak changed my entire perception about istanbul after the experience 👍
أغسطس 2021
If you just want to kick back and take in spectacular views of the Bosphorus Bridge while enjoying some talk about the local culture or just life in general this is the perfect experience. Burak is an amazing host and is very helpful if you’d like to try other experiences as well. Take the chance and experience the vibrant life of Beşiktaş you won’t regret it!
مارس 2020
Все было замечательно, классно пообщались, все понравилось. Как будто я встретил старого друга
ديسمبر 2019
If you want to kick back for an hour with a real local, shoot the breeze, wet the whistle, and have a good time, hang with Burak.
نوفمبر 2019
Burak was really amazing he gave us a warm welcome and when we got there we saw some great views of the ocean talked about the history of the area learned a bit about the country and i would recommend Burak to anyone that is planning on travelling to istanbul he was such an amazing person to explore the city with.
أكتوبر 2019
Fantastic experience. Amazing to see Istanbul, especially when you watch the Istanbul Bridge.Seagulls are flying all around you. You can feed them;). Burak is an excellent host, steering with a calm enthusiasm. he is knowledgable and thoughtful. I would highly recommend this experience at the begining of one's trip, as Burak gave us helpful recommendations on what else to see in the city.

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