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We will meet at Plaza del Triunfo to discover the kingdom of Dorne and all the anecdotes of the shooting of Game of Thrones in Seville.
I'll take you at The Royal Palace of Seville (Alcázar), one of the oldest fortress in the world and listed World Heritage by UNESCO, with a specialist truly fan of Game of Thrones.

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I am Lola, local guide in Seville, passionated about this city and my job. There is nothing better than show this city and its monuments to people who wants to discover it with me!
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$56 لكل شخص
$56 لكل شخص

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Real Alcazar Palace of Seville. The Royal palace of this city, World Heritage by Unesco and one of the oldest palace of the world, famous by its mixed muslim-christian architect!

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فبراير 2020
Great tour for GOT fans! communication from the host was great which made finding the meeting point easier, her English was very good and she shared with us lots of interesting facts about the filming.
نوفمبر 2019
Great tour! Gave a thorough background on the history of Spain and as well as all the filming locations of GOT and behind the scenes info. I would highly recommend this tour!
أكتوبر 2019
Chris was a WONDERFUL tour guide and gave us extra insight not only to the water gardens but various aspects of the show! She was a fount of information not only on the location but the history leading up to it! Highly recommend for fans of GoT!
يونيو 2019
Cris was a great host, very knowledgeable and interesting. She knows her Game if Thrones information! It was great to hear little tidbits of info we would never have known otherwise. I couldn’t give five stars because the meeting time kept changing, even up to the last days! We ended up having to cancel another tour we had planned because the time of this one changed. That was a bummer, but we really wanted to do this tour, so made that concession. The other thing was the meeting point. It is in a square, but it was busy and the square was large, we didn’t know who we were looking for, and it would have been helpful to know she would be holding a GOT sign. It maybe would be helpful to say “next to the statue” or “at the entrance”, just to clarify for those of us unfamiliar with the area. Other than those two things, we loved our tour with Cris!
يناير 2019
Cris was a great tour guide for our GOT tour. She had knowledge and insight about the Alcazar but the behind the scene stories and pictures added to the experience. I would definitely recommend this tour if you're a fan. Thanks Cris!
يناير 2019
The tour was very informative and worthwhile. You learn lots about the unique aspects of the Royal Alcazar, the history behind it, and of course you learn some fascinating information about the scenes of game of thrones that was filmed in the Alcazar. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who visits Sevilla.

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