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In this experience you will discover how the local people adapted the landscape to survival. You will learn the history of the last volcanic eruptions and you will discover this special growning vines system unique in the world. You will walk in the farm, you will enter in the winery. Finally, we will taste some wines in the old building.
Other things to note
The wine tour is from Monday to Friday at 14:00 hours, and you have to book in advance.

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    We will taste fine local wines

قابل مضيفك Darío

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I am responsible for the commercial department of Bodega La Geria, where this experience is carried out. I have spent 19 years dedicated to the wine sector, traveling and attending different fairs and events. In the last 10 years I have dedicated myself, in addition to my position in the winery, to the guided tours in it. I consider myself a communicative person who tries to leave visitors with an incredible feeling that they have discovered something new.
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We will walk in the farm and we will enter inside the winery. You will discover a special place in the island

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سبتمبر 2021
Very interesting tour of a volcanic vineyard , ive seen lots of them , none quite like this , very good tour with Dario and great wine!
سبتمبر 2021
Super expérience ! Dario nous a captivé, on a beau être appris sur le vin volcanique. Et la partie dégustation à la fin veux mini tapas, juste top !
أغسطس 2021
Absolutely perfect experience! Darío is a very good host and the tour through the winery and the informations about growing wine in the unique volcanic landscape of Lanzarote were really informative and entertaining. The wine tasting was delicious and took place in the special atmosphere of the traditional wine shop of the Bodega. Highly recommended experience!
أغسطس 2021
Belle expérience avec Dario, qui a été un super guide de A à Z et nous a permis de comprendre en détail le fonctionnement des vignes jusqu'à la bouteille. Par contre, lieu beaucoup plus touristique que nous ne l'avions anticipé, avec magasin souvenir immense.
يوليو 2021
This was an awesome experience, Dario made us feel welcome and looked after us, we learnt so much about the wine and we’ve already recommended this experience to friends! Thank you, Dario!
يونيو 2021
Dario est un passionné. Ses explications sont supers, l'endroit est superbe. On découvre différents vins fait sur place. Dario est à l'écoute. Tout était parfait. Je recommande cette expérience.

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