Learn how to make coffee the Mexican way

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Immerse your self with the aromas of café de olla, tasing coffee from different regions of México. Enjoy the drinks while learning how to prepare our families recipes for you to take home and enjoy. You will learn all the coffee basics and how to enhance your coffee at home;You will learn how to make café de olla! A Mexican spiced coffee We are Conveniently located near all major hotels downtown.
Other things to note
Please let us know if you need a non dairy or vegan version of these recipes and we make the proper accommodations.

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    Coffee and pastries
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    Please Email us if you need non dairy accommodations or Vegan Version of ou...

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Hello! My Name is Tyler and the Owner of Café Azteca or Azteca Coffee Co (In english). I have been in the coffee industry for 9 years and have owned my shop going on three years! At Café Azteca we add our tradition and showcase our culture in our coffee. With recipes that span generations!
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$20 لكل شخص
$20 لكل شخص

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We will meet at Café Azteca located on 1409 E Commerce San Antonio Texas 78205. All of our class will be indoors.

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أكتوبر 2021
Buyer beware: this is a scam. The location listed had no such place. He did not return multiple calls and text messages. When there was no coffee shop at the location listed, we drove to the address listed online for Cafe Aztec and it is no longer in business. Buyer beware! What a bummer. Will probably not trust any more airbnb experiences going forward.
أكتوبر 2021
DO NOT BOOK THIS EXPERIENCE!!!! It is a scam. No such place at address listed for the event. The address for Cafe Aztec on Google also under different ownership no longer there. Multiple calls and messaging to Tyler with no response. Was a bummer as he had this planned as a fun part of trip to San Antonio! Won't be doing Airbnb experiences anymore.
أكتوبر 2021
The cafe did not exist. The address was a vacant building. The host did not respond to phone calls or messages. Complete waste of time and money. Extremely frustrating!
سبتمبر 2021
Cannot recommend this enough. Was hesitant initially but Tyler made us feel welcomed and was a great conversationalist. He recommended multiple other excellent places to visit and try.
سبتمبر 2021
Unique and fun experience to learn and taste something different. Tyler was very personable but he was tardy. We also wished they would have offered us coffee while waiting. Overall it’s worth checking out if you have time.
سبتمبر 2021
Tyler was incredible! Great conversation, wonderful backstory and all around great experience. This piece of our trip was memorable, and Tyler gave us tips of other things to experience while in San Antonio. Very grateful for this experience, thank you Tyler!

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