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Explore the hidden gems in the blue city
In this experience, the day will be devoted to explore and discover the medina of Chefchaouen, and learning about it’s history, culture and daily lifestyle, in addition of visiting the Spanish Mosque to have the greatest panoramic view in town. First After picking you up from your hotel, or your Airbnb accommodation, we’ll start by walking through the hidden corners in the medina which has 7 main neighbourhoods, and 7 Doors. While introducing you to the Andalou-Amazigh history and culture. We’ll be able To visit the main spots to take the most stunning pictures in town, then we’ll visit the Kasbah (the main fortress which was founded in the 15 century), after spending about a 30 min in the Kasbah to see the garden, the towers, and the old prison. We’ll head up to the Spanish Mosque - a lunch Break is provided in a local restaurant under your needs- On our way to the Spanish mosque we’ll pass by the river to see the water springs, the old laundry system, and the orange trees. After heading to the Mosque, a 30 minute break is provided to enjoy the view and take pictures. Afterwards we’ll get back to the medina to Go the market and pass by the neighbourhood of Swika (the commercial neighbourhood of Chefchaouen) This tour is very customised and everything is up to the guests walking capacity. The activity ends in the main square or your accommodation in Chefchaouen.
️Chefchaouen Dream
WE ALWAYS GIVES YOU THE BEST TOUR AND PHOTOGRAPHE FROM OUR HEARTS On our tour, you will get the experience of a lifetime through the famous Chefchaouen also known as the Blue City. I guarantee you will fall in love with this charming city. We will begin our tour by meeting at the busiest plaza in the city. From there, we will make our way within Old Town part of the city to popular locations where I can show you how to get the best photo or even help take photos if you wish. This is not a shopping tour, but throughout our experience, I can introduce you to the local culture as well or any shops that you may be interested in. Finally, I will guide you to the beautiful Spanish mosque where we will get an amazing panoramic view of the city and enjoy the beautiful sunset. The whole tour will take approximately 2.5-3 hours and end accordingly upon time of sunset, usually taking place between 4-7PM. Other things to note Please wear comfortable shoes as we will be walking quite a lot within the city as well as the hike up to the Spanish Mosque. We will be taking a lot of stairs as well as walking on small hills.
⭐️Insta Pro Photoshoot in Chefchaouen⭐
We'll hit the streets of Chefchaouen and we'll explore the most beautiful streets, tiny squares, and buildings on our way. I`ll help you relax in front of the camera, And giving you poses making sure to get those insta-worthy photos. We'll explore all of the most beautiful spots around town and if there are any particular locations in the Chefchaouen Old town that you'd like to visit, I can add them to our itinerary along the way if you show me a photo of them. --You will receive 20 professionally edited Pictures one by one + Photoshoot Editing if you need slimmer face/body….. + 1 reel video (optional) delivered the next 1-3days by email/wetransfer. ++ My experience is private, No one will join us. ++ You can contact me for any other photography/videography project. I know being in Chefchaouen will be a special experience for you, you'll never regret a memorable pictures from a local experienced photographer in this city !! I hope all of you will be happy with my work, and the photos will bring you happiness and wonderful memories. Let me hear from you :) Have a look on my work on Insta : @PhotographerChefchaouen
Love Chefchaouen Tours
- WE’RE THE NUMBER 1 EXPERIENCE IN THE BLUE CITY with more then 100 + reviews ! - We Have more then 100 K followers on the social media ! WELCOME TO THE BEST PHOTO TOUR IN CHEFCHAOUEN !!
Discover the beauty of The god's bridge
Join me to this unique experience to discover the beautiful Akchour. After picking you up from your accommodation in Chefchaouen we’ll drive about 40 minutes to reach the village of Akchour. Arriving there we’ll start our short hiking to the bridge of god (a bridge that was made naturally by rocks). We’ll cross rivers, walk through a beautiful valley, and if you like to swim the area is full of natural springs. After an hour of hiking we’ll reach the bridge and there we’ll have a mint tea or lunch -under your needs- After spending about an hour in the bridge we’ll walk back to the village there you can see the organic food market (please note that the area is famous with figs and goat cheese) Afterwards we’ll take the transport back to Chefchaouen and there our activity’s end. Private transportation is provided and included in the price Please note that this activity starts from 8 to 10 Am, And ends by 4Pm.
Trekking waterfalls of Akchour
Will meet you the big squares next to the kasaba and 9:30 am to take our advantage of the sun and good weather. We will go by share taxi to the beginning of the road where we will start the fantastic route to the waterfalls of Akchour. We will make a mountain route through the Akchour canyon, bypassing the river and enjoying the spectacular views. We will stop at the two largest waterfalls of the Camnio, where we will have a snack to continue with the route. Approximately 5 hours of route in full nature. We will enjoy the transparent waters of the river and waterfalls, stop for a Moroccan tea in the middle of the river, where we can put our feet in the water. The trekking is of a medium level, where children can also participate. After spending the morning surrounded by nature we will return to the starting point, where the car will wait for us. As an optional part you can stop to eat at a restaurant near the river, surrounded by nature.
جولة تصويرية في شفشاون
سنلتقي في ساحة المدينة القديمة المسماة (أوتا همام) ونبدأ في استكشاف شوارع شفشاون الخفية الساحرة ؛ خارج الطريق المطروق. سوف أشارك تاريخ هذه المدينة الخاصة ، وكذلك الأسرار والنصائح من منظور السكان المحليين. أثناء جولتي في المشي ، سأسجل مشاعرك ومزاجك في هذه الأماكن الرائعة في شفشاون. سوف تتلقى ذكريات رائعة من رحلتك إلى هذه المدينة الجميلة. جولتي المثالية هي مع مجموعة حميمة ، لضمان مشاركة الجميع وإدماجهم في جميع الجوانب. تعال وانضم لي! دعونا نتحدث ونتجول في شوارع المدينة الزرقاء ، ونلتقط صورًا رائعة ونشارك هذه التجربة الرائعة. ملاحظات أخرى يمكن للضيوف إحضار الكاميرا الخاصة بك (الخيار) والاستعداد لاكتشاف مدينة اللؤلؤة الجميلة!
التنزه إلى أقشور عبر الجبل
ستحظى في الحال بنزهة معي لتستمتع بوقتك. ولكن هذا واحد خاص ، لأنني سآخذك عبر الجبال (وليس بالقرب من الطريق العام )، أستمتع بإطلالات الجبال والمناظر الطبيعية الجميلة خلال رحلتنا. سنلتقي في الصباح في الساعة 8:00 صباحًا في "سوق الباب" وسنتجه مباشرة من الشيفشاون للتنزه في الجبل حتى نصل إلى قمة قرية القلعة (قريتي على بعد 5 كيلومترات من الشيفشاون) حيث سنبدأ المشي أعلى في الجبل نستمتع بالمناظر الرائعة والهواء البارد حتى نصل إلى نهر بعيدًا عن السكان المحليين حيث سنتناول غدائنا وربما السباحة قبل أن نذهب. ثم سنتنزه عبر غابة ونمر ببعض البيوت المحلية. سنمشي لمدة ساعتين أو ثلاث ساعات تقريبًا حتى نصل إلى أعلى نهر أكور. بعد ذلك ، سننزل إلى نهر أكور حيث يمكننا الاستمتاع به من خلال الاسترخاء مع أقدامنا الغارقة في الماء ، وهناك مطاعم صغيرة يديرها السكان المحليون ، حيث يمكننا الحصول على الطعام مثل الطاجينز وشاي النعناع وعصير البرتقال الأخير. سيكون هناك أيضًا جسر الإله ، (يمكنك البحث عن الصور على ملفي الشخصي )، على بُعد حوالي 15 دقيقة سيرًا على الأقدام عبر النهر. وبحلول ذلك الوقت ، ستنتهي رحلتنا ، ويمكننا ركوب سيارة أجرة والعودة إلى شفشاون. يمكننا أيضًا البقاء في أكور في تلك الليلة ، وفي اليوم التالي سآخذك إلى شلالات أكور! وهي نزهة أخرى!!
Fes to Chefchaouen the blue city day trip
In the morning at 8am, you will be meet by your driver at your accommodation in Fez. After boarding your private vehicle, you will make your way towards the breathtaking Chefchaouen. Chefchaouen is located in the Rif Mountains near Tangier and upon arrival you will easily recognize the city by its blue-washed buildings. You will have about 4 hours to explore this picturesque small city and the streets of medina. Discover the local shops and coffees, the main square known as Plaza Uta El-Hammam, the kasbah and museum belonging to the early 18th century, the Grand Mosque and perhaps the Ras Elma river that runs through the old city. You may also want to visit the ethnographic museum which contains musical instruments, antique weapons, and photographs of the old town. In the Afternoon, we will take the way back to Fes.
Magic Vacation Photos in Chefchaouen
++ On this experience I will take photos and videos for you with my iPhone 13 pro max ( if you`re looking for a photoshoot with professional camera then you can book me at the other experience called " Insta Pro Photoshoot in Chefchaouen " ). ++ Being a photographer I'll help you to pose and look like a model front of the camera, And being a local I'll take you to the most stunning spots in the city. ++ I'll transfer your photos and videos with Airdrop, Or send them to you by WeTransfer if you have android. ++ Recommendations : - Outfit : Red/Yellow/light green dress - starting the walk at : Morning 8:00 am - 10:30am Evening : 5:30 pm - 8:00pm ** In case you`re coming to Chefchaouen for 1 day trip , then contact me to discus the best time for you ** ** I don't accept solo travelers (minimum 2 people). I know being in Chefchaouen may be a special experience for you, you'll never regret a memorable pictures from a local experienced photographer in this city !!
Fez to Chefchaouen Day Trip, Blue City
Chefchaouen (The blue City) is a peaceful city located in Morocco’s Rif Mountains, founded by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa in 1471 as a shelter for exiles from Spain. The most important attraction of the city lies in its extreme simplicity associated with indescribable beauty, its narrow alleyways, ancient neighborhoods, and the blue color that covers it entirely, make it an excellent touristic destination. However, our excursion covers the city’s most important highlights such as the iconic Kasbah, where we will visit the ethnographic museum which is considered to be the most noticeable cultural landmark in the city, take a stroll through the maze-like Medina’s blue streets and proceed toward the local market area to take the best glimpse into the authentic local culture. We can’t pass by Chefchaouen without enjoying some of the tastiest traditional cuisines in one of the best terraces in the city accompanied by the exquisite sunset behind the mountains.
تنزه إلى مزرعة عضوية في جبل شفشاون
بعد أن نلتقي في "سوق الباب" أو في مقهى ، سنتوجه مباشرة من الشيفشاون للتنزه في الجبال ونمشي حوالي 40 دقيقة فوق التل قبل التوقف للاستمتاع بإطلالة رائعة على اللؤلؤة الزرقاء في مكان يطل على شفشاون. بعد ذلك ، ستكون بين ساعة ونصف سيرًا على الأقدام في انتظارنا على طول الجانب الجبلي ، وقد نمرر الرعاة مع عنزاتهم وستكون هناك الكثير من الفرص للتوقف والتقاط صور للمناظر الخلابة من الجبل. وبينما نصل إلى قرية كالا ، سنذهب إلى مزرعة هادئة تعود لأبي ، سيرحب بنا مع الشاي الطازج مع الأعشاب من المزرعة يليه طاجين من الخضروات من المزرعة ، وفحص أو لحم (وإذا كنت نباتيًا أو نباتيًا ، فسيكون مجرد خضروات من المزرعة). سنقضي بعض الوقت في الاستمتاع بإطلالة القرية في الشرفة تحت الأشجار والاستماع إلى حكايات والدي وتجربة حياته في الجبل. من هنا فصاعدًا ، يمكننا إما المشي لمدة ساعتين إلى الشيفشاون أو الذهاب في جولة إلى المنزل بواسطة سيارة مرسيدس محلية "تاكسي ".
A hike to the god bridge
We will meet in the morning at 8:30am by the front door of the Kasbah that’s in plaza Uta hamam ( there can be changes in time that will suit you ). A taxi will wait for us near the main square ( Taxi fees aren't included) . A private taxi will cost 40$\€ both ways ,considering the taxi takes up to 6 people , while a shared taxi will cost you 3$/€ but might include additional waiting for the taxi to fill up . After we get there if we are heading to the the big waterfall that would take us about 2 hours on a normal walk rythm if slower then more, on the way there we will pass by gorgoeus little waterfalls where we could enjoy it by relaxing and having food with our feet soaked in the water . Near each one there are small restuarants that are operated by the locals, where we could get food such as Tajines that are served in traditional plates , Moroccan tea and last orange juice . The time frame from Chefchaouen to Akchour would take about 30 to 45 minutes drive , we stop for rests and swim In addition to the waterfall there's the God's bridge you can look up the pictures on my profile, it's in the same location but a different walk and less time . You are free to pick the best that suits your attractions .
Hiking to Akchour's God's Bridge
We will visit Akchour. Which is 35 minutes away from Chefchaouen by Taxi. Our first stop will be buying bread and learning how to make it from the locals. We will then get to Akchour where we are going to start our hike. We will go to the small waterfall and then to God's Bridge which will take us 5 hours in total. We will get to see the Barbary Macaque and enjoy some traditional Moroccan Tajines on our way. These roads are only known by locals. So, the clients will definitely need my expertise.
A Day trip to the gods bridge
Whether you are a hiker or someone who doesn’t like walking very much, this is a day trip for you. We would start of with a gentle hike to the gods bridge , where we will sit and take in the beautiful surroundings with a fresh pot of Moroccan mint tea. This will allow you time to take a dip and take pictures of the stunning views. Depending on whether you enjoy hiking or like to take things at a slower pace, I will ensure to plan this trip according to your preferences. From #akchour Village to the gods bridge it will take 1 hour by walking ! - if we still have time we can go to the waterfalls as well