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Architecture tour by bike through Funky Fayetteville
Join me on a detailed architecture tour through Fayetteville, Arkansas. This tour focuses on the work of Fay Jones and Marlon Blackwell, but it also features some work unique to the Ozarks. We offer the tour as a bike tour only. We are happy to help arrange bicycle rentals with a local bike shop. We stop midway for a coffee break at Puritan Coffee.
Ring make-and-take with local artist
We'll get comfortable in our studio barn/workshop area, where you'll grab a glass of wine, a local craft beer, or glass of fresh spring water from our bar before we get started. After a brief tour of our little urban farm, I'll do a quick demonstration to show you the techniques and procedures for making several different styles of rings. Then you'll get busy working hands-on with different tools and materials to create your own custom, unique ring exactly to your liking. I can provide as much support as necessary to help you to feel comfortable with the process and to create your desired outcome. We'll seal/finish your ring if necessary and you'll take it home with you at the end of the session. Other things to note We have free-range chickens and a free-range cat. All are friendly. :) If you aren't seeing the date or time you'd like available on the calendar, feel free to send me a message and we'll try to work something out if possible!
Milk a Cow with Happy Grow Lucky Farm
Join us for our morning or evening milking chores here on the farm! We milk at set times each day, so we are not able to move the times more than 30 minutes. Do let us know if you need to be a little early or late and we can accommodate. We will meet you at our Farm Store, located here at the edge of the farm. Then we will walk down to the milk barn (sometimes its muddy or cold so dress according to the weather). You can bottle feed our calves (baby cows). This is a great opportunity to pet our calves and be up close with our animals. Then we get to work! It's time to bring in the cows and start milking. Of course we demonstrate how, then let you hand milk the cows. Don't worry, we finish the job with our miking machine so you can rest. We also have gloves to wear and sanitizer at the barn. Lastly, we take the milk back down to our Farm Store where you can see how we bottle the milk. At this time, you will get your own bottle of fresh milk, your butter sample and be able to shop around the store. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and take pictures during your entire experience. We can do large groups and private events- ask for details!
Trail Guide for Hot Springs Off-Road Park
It is the same old story, you have your own jeep/rig and want to go Jeeping/4-Wheeling, but you can't find anyone to go with you. It is not safe to go on your own and/or you don't know the area. I am your man! I will join you with my rig and not only lead and guide you around the local park, but be there to assist in recovery as needed. I am very familiar with the Hot Springs Off-Road Vehicle Park (HSORV) and and will be your ride guide for the day. My rig is a 2004 Jeep TJ on 35's and is very capable in the rocks. I am capable of spotting you through the technical sections. At HSORV I have led beginners through Level 1, 2, and 3 trails and also have led built rigs on Level 4 and 5 trails. I know the Jeep Badge of Honor trails and can lead you to and through. I can easily access your rig and abilities and not only determine which trails would be best for you, but also lead you through those trails in a step progression so that you get more comfortable as the day goes on.
Wine Making fun - Art or Chemistry!
I You will start by doing a wine tasting in our wine tasting yurt where you will taste four different wine varietals that we carry on the property. You will have the opportunity to blend the varietals to create your personal ‘Enchanting’ varietal in a glass that you will be able to keep and sip on for the remainder of the tour. After wine tasting you will be shown the winery where we make and bottle the wine. We will explain the process and equipment we use to transform grape juice into wine. Then you will be able to go through the bottling process in which you will fill, cork, and wax seal your own personalized blend of ‘enchanting’ Wine. It wouldn’t be complete ‘or legal’without the final step of adding your customized photo frame ‘An Enchanting Evening’ label to the front of your bottles. The experience price includes a commemorative An Enchanting Evening Wine glass, a glass of custom blended red wine, and a bottle of wine to take home and share the memories with others.
From Seed to Sip- The Ultimate Farm-to-Cup Experience
This multi-dimensional experience is not just for tea enthusiasts. Whether you are a lover of nature and the outdoors, a novice gardener or forager, interested in learning about the health benefits of plants and herbs, pursuing self-sufficiency on any level, or just enjoy sipping delicious concoctions among beautiful ambiance, this experience is for you! We'll begin with a tour of our little urban farm, where you'll learn a bit about the ways you can cultivate- or simply take advantage of- nature's bounty. We'll set up shop in our studio barn, where I'll introduce you to our 100+ varieties of organically-grown and wild-crafted dried herbs, fruits, flowers, and teas and walk you through the process of creating gourmet tea blends- from seed to sip. After sampling several varieties, you'll get busy selecting ingredients for your own custom teas. Every sense will be engaged as you gather, crumble, crush, and steep multiple blends that are tailored to your preferences. Finally, enjoy the fruits of your labor by sipping your blends in one of many intentional spaces on our farm. Winter months might find you by one of the woodstoves or cozied up by our outdoor firepit. Warmer seasons bring opportunities for sitting creek-side, wandering among plants and trees, or lazing in the hammock swing. Finally, you'll take the remainder of your blends home to enjoy and to share... or not share!
Historic farm and building tour
Step back in time when you visit historic Saint Joseph’s Center of Arkansas in North Little Rock. Only minutes from downtown Little Rock you will feel as if you have traveled far into the peaceful Arkansas countryside when you enter our sixty-seven acres. Drive up through a lovely brick arch that marks the entrance to the historic property and veer right towards the Farm Stand where we will meet everyone. After introductions, you’ll visit our historic century working farm where you will get to see cattle, Nigerian Dwarf goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and horses on a walking tour through the grounds. Relax and de-stress while feeding our cows, hugging goats, and collecting duck and chicken eggs. Depending on the time of year you might get to see other baby animals! Next we will walk through the community gardens and greenhouses to see organic native plants and herbs and active bee hives. Seasons will determine how active the gardens are. Finally you will tour the beautiful historic building that has many tales to tell. St. Joseph’s has been an orphanage that housed children from 1910 until the late 1970’s, had multiple uses during the war when the area was a town set up to aid the nearby Camp Robinson base, a pre-school, and now an artist colony and community space.
Private Whiskey and Bourbon Tastings
At its heart, WSKY Thieves is about sharing our passion for whiskey and our thirst for community over a few drinks. We personalize your vacation and make it memorable through guided tastings, 101 whiskey, and bourbon courses, and event bar curating. We will always supply the samples unless otherwise stated. You just have to sit back and enjoy. Depending on the event, each person’s participation typically includes: A custom WSKY Thieves tasting mat A cocktail for each participant A charcuterie/snack plate w/ water A 10-minute intro covering the flight's theme A guided tasting through four or more whiskies including their distillery, history, and flavor profiles A WSKY Thieves tasting glass* available for purchase Education on how to properly nose and drink whisky A flavor profile suggestion for future purchases All glasses, materials, bottles are brought with us, cleaned up, and taken with us leaving no cleaning Later times are available at request. Tasting traditionally takes place in the participants' Airbnb; a rental space can be procured at cost. We do this to reduce any risk associated with consumption. A list of all available flight choices can be found on our website here: https://wskythieves.wordpress.com/private-tastings/ Cleaning and Preparation: We also pledge to stay current with recommendations and guidance released by CDC and local health authorities.
Bluff City Dance and Boogie
An Experience to End your night ! We will visit many different places that most in the city do not know about. You will experience the secret beauty of Memphis nightlife. You will see how Memphis has a variety of experiences, for adult singles and couples. This is an experience you can scratch off of your bucket list!! Note: We will stop by a Famous restaurant only found in Memphis to get your bellies full before we start the FUN ‼️
Make and Take Glass Fused Coral Bowl in Eureka Springs
Emerse yourslef in the artistic side of Eureka Spring in an upbeat, modern environment. Start your creative journey exploring Visionary Art Studio with Gallery shows that rotate quarterly for a unique experience each season. After a quick tour of the gallery we will make our way into the glass studio. Here we will go over some basics of glass fusing like how to stay safe and how to use the glass tools. Now its time to start creating! Let your creative juices flow as you pick from all the colors of the rainbow to start creating your own coral glass bowl. After you lay out all the glass pieces and glue them together your piece will then be fired in the kiln 2 times, once to fully fuse it, then a second time to slump it into a bowl. This process can take up to 1 month so we can easily ship your bowl to you if needed for an additional fee.
The Highlights of Little Rock Bicycle Tour
This guided bicycle tour of downtown Little Rock starts at our shop in the River Market and visits local favorites like: the Old State House, the Capitol, West 9th St., the Governor's Mansion District, MacArthur Park, SOMA, and the East Village. On this tour, we'll check out the art, history, architecture, and culture that make Little Rock special.
My Eureka Springs Art Memory
We love helping our guests achieve creative expression as we guide them, step by step, through their creation of an epoxy wall hanging masterpiece. First, you will pick and prepare the natural wood frame for your artwork. After preparing your frame, let your imitation go as you choose your colors from a large selection available. Many of our colors are represented in themes for easier selection. We even have glow in the dark! Once you have picked your color theme and mixed your epoxy, let the fun begin as you pour the epoxy creating artwork as unique as you are! Experience a day of art with us, and turn it into a memory for a lifetime! The best part is, we do all the clean up! Artwork must dry and is available to pick up the next day.
Golf Cart Tour of Bentonville, Arkansas
Your time in Bentonville won’t be complete without discovering the city’s most popular Instagram-worthy landmarks, public art installations and homes featured on HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous"! Through this guided golf cart tour, you will explore the city streets and learn first-hand what makes Bentonville a city like no other. Discover the best restaurants, bars and hideaways with your local guide and leave with memories that last a lifetime.
Bentonville Mountain Bike Experience
Join me on the Best Biking of Bentonville Tour. We will guide you from the Downtown Bentonville to all of the popular trails and attractions in the area. With over 200 miles of trails it can be very overwhelming trying to chose the best route, let my local knowledge help you maximize your Mountain Biking Experience. Along the way I will share the knowledge of the town and its history. I am closely connected with local trail builders so I have knowledge of new trails and refreshed trails opening long before it would be known to the public. Start time, start location and duration is flexible just send me a message.
The Wsky Thieves Cocktail Experience
Meet up to make flavorful cocktails and memories! I’m a Certified Bourbon Steward and I'll teach you to make classic and unique whiskey cocktails utilizing aromatic bitters, fresh juices, natural sweeteners, and liqueurs. A perfect time for couples, friends, and small parties. The WSKY Thieves Cocktail Experience is an hour-long(+) Mixology Course in the art of making whiskey cocktails where you’ll be walked through the history and notes of three different mixed spirits. Throughout this experience: Guests will enjoy a flight of three whiskey cocktails Guests will be guided through whiskey’s influenced evolution of cocktails Guests will be coached into modifying classics on their own. Guests will enjoy a charcuterie board throughout their flight. Guests will learn a bit of history and information about the whiskeys and ingredients I use in our cocktails. Finally, I’ll provide guests with recipe cards so you’re prepared to recreate at home. Most events last around 75 minutes. If you’d like to book this experience for a group (great for birthdays, bachelor[ettes,] team building, and more) on a day that is not posted on the calendar, just please contact me; I'm available for private events and can accommodate additional guests.